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Disrupted! The Automotive Roundtable

On 13th September the Innovation & Entrepreneurship team at HIIG had the great pleasure to conduct “Disrupted! – The Automotive Roundtable” – an unconventional discussion platform on open innovation in the automotive industry and the future of mobility.

A circle of handpicked drivers of innovation from the automotive and mobility industry, the startup-scene, logistics, and from the adjacent ecosystem discussed important questions around the future of the automotive industry in the context of open collaboration and innovation along the supply chain and new business models.

The Automotive Roundtable
13 September 2017 | HIIG Berlin

The discussions has been facilitated and guided along scientifically grounded use case scenarios derived from daily practice in the industry. Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Schildhauer (Research Director: Internet-enabled Innovation, HIIG) and Dr. Christoph Meister (CEO BGW, University of St Gallen) opened the day with introductory keynotes. Furthermore, Local Motors gave some insights in their experience with open innovation to further autonomous driving. Open discussions, workshops and innovative formats of collaboration supplemented the programme.

The leading questions of the event day have been:

  • What will the future role of co-creation look like in the automotive industry?
  • Which disruptive business models evolve through openness?
  • How do you manage open innovation along the supply chain?

The aim of this open exchange was to elaborate on perspectives for open collaboration. Further, we jointly opened up solution spaces beyond the automotive industry.

Martina Dopfer (Head of Research: Innovation & Entrepreneurship, HIIG) and Prof. Dr. Hendrik Send (Prof. Online Communication, University of Applied Sciences Anhalt) guided through the day. The break-out sessions have been facilitated by leading researchers from HIIG, CERAG, and the University of St Gallen.

Event date

13.09.2017 ical | gcal


Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society,  Französische Straße 9,  10117 Berlin


Vivian Weitzl

Former Student Assistant: Internet-enabled Innovation


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