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To share or not to share: can data sharing be a viable strategy in platform competition?

This discussion on the topic “To share or not to share: can data sharing be a viable strategy in platform competition?” is part of the discussion series “Exploring Platform Alternatives: Shaping a Responsible Future”. It will take place online via Zoom in English. If you are interested in participating, please register using the form at the bottom of the page.


To share or not to share: can data sharing be a viable strategy in platform competition?
Wednesday, 13 December 2023 | 4.30 pm – 6 pm (CET)
Inge Graef, Timo Seppälä, & Alina Kontareva
Online (via Zoom)


Data plays a crucial role in the operations of digital platforms. Online platforms generate data on user behavior, financial transactions, and performance statistics and integrate them into their business models and governance strategies. Today, major tech conglomerates have access to enormous amounts of data, which creates formidable barriers for new market entrants and leaves them with limited growth opportunities. Can data sharing be a viable strategy in platform competition? What data can be shared, with whom, and under what conditions?

In our upcoming discussion, we will examine empirical cases of data sharing in industrial digital platforms and scrutinize the European Union’s regulatory landscape about data use and reuse.


About the discussion series “Exploring Platform Alternatives: Shaping a Responsible Future”

“Exploring Platform Alternatives” is a discussion series that intends to bring together scholars and practitioners who explore the potential of platform alternatives and the multitude of dimensions they encompass. We will address a range of questions: What exactly do we mean by “platform alternatives,” and what do these alternatives aim to replace or improve? Who holds the reins for steering the transition towards “platform alternatives”? What roles do the state, corporations, and society play? What novel ways of thinking and understanding must we adopt to grasp the essence of firms and organizations in today’s dynamic landscape? How can innovation be reimagined and channeled through alternative platforms? With these questions in mind, we seek to contribute to the conversation that aims to reshape the platform economy.

This event is part of the ‘INCA workshop series.’



Inge Graef is an Associate Professor of Competition Law at Tilburg University. She is affiliated with the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT) and the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC). Her research focuses on competition law, platform regulation, and the governance of data.

Timo Seppälä is a University Lecturer (Operations Management) at Aalto University. He earned his PhD in industrial economics and management. His scholarly work has touched upon global value chains, digital platforms, and, lately, the semiconductor industry. He serves as a chairman of the board at Koja Yhtiöt Oy & Koja Oy and a member of the board at Koja USA Inc. and Chiller Oy (An Aalto Family Company).



Alina Kontareva will be moderating the discussion. She is a senior researcher in the Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Society research group at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) and co-lead of the INCA research project at HIIG. Alina’s research focuses on online platforms and particularly on national platform alternatives, their competitive strategies, and the role of the state in competition and innovation.



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Event date

13.12.2023 | 4.30 pm – 6.00 pm ical | gcal


Online,  HIIG,   Berlin


Alina Kontareva, Dr.

Senior Researcher & Project Lead: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Society


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