encore is the annual research magazine of the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG). The magazine is published annually and summarises the research topics and events of the past year. The heart of the magazine is a number of selected articles written by HIIG researchers about subjects that have been relevant throughout the year. Furthermore, representatives working in science, business and politics share their perspectives on questions around internet and society. Encore as well contains the annual official research report.

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encore 2017


– Articles about Metaphors shaping society, Artifical intelligence, Fake news and Hate speech, Open-Access infrastructures, Copyright law, Internet Infrastructures, Cybersecurity

Interviews: Manuel Castells, Aljoscha Burchardt, Wolfgang Gründinger, Tom Dobber und Natali Helberger, Shermin Voshmgir


Annual Research Report of the HIIG

Events: Game Jam, NYU Conference, lecture series, NoC EU Hub

– Abstracts: Martina Dopfer, Benedikt Fecher, Maximilian von Grafenstein, Adrian Haase, Rebecca Kahn, Urs Kind, Sebastian Leuschner, Henrike Maier, Jörg Pohle, Robin Tech and Theresa Züger

– List of publications and monitoring of research activities

Download: Magazine       Research Report

encore 2016


Articles about scientific topics: memes and copyright, Big Data and journalism, Twitter and Brexit, Europe’s digital sovereignty

Abstracts of doctoral dissertations by Julian Staben, Martin Wrobel and Christian Katzenbach

– Interviews: Scientist Jose van Dijck, entrepreneur Maximilian Viessmann, politician Jan-Philipp Albrecht, re:publica founder Andreas Gebhardt and HIIG-research director Jeanette Hofmann

– Events: Long night of the sciences, Lecture series on Big Data, Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR)

Download: encore 2016

encore 2015


Articles about scientific topics: digital civil disobedience, internet censorship in Africa, the right to be forgotten, user innovation in the energy market

Interviews: politician Thomas Gambke and lobbyist Andreas Rade; politician Julia Reda; journalist Matthias Spielkamp

Events: Gikii conference in Berlin, travel report from the digital eco system in Chile, Lunch Talk with Peter Thiel

Download: encore 2015

encore 2014


Articles about scientific topics: hacktivism, imitation und innovation in the games sector, path dependency in scientific publishing, financing hardware startups

Interviews: former HIIG fellow Florian Süssenguth, scientist Dame Wendy Hall

Events: workshops on privacy and mass surveillance, symposium Internet Governance

Download: encore 2014

encore 2013


Articles about scientific topics: knowledge society, open hardware, the internet’s infrastructure, open government und open science

Interview: blogger and activist Cory Doctorow

Events: Startup Clinics, Burgerbeteiligung, workshop on the future of audio-visual formats, talk about risks and opportunities of social participation, interdisciplinary seminar Everything is a remix

Download: encore 2013

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