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Eduardo Magrani, Prof. Dr.

Eduardo Magrani has been working with public policy, Internet regulation and Intellectual Property since 2008. He is Professor of “Law and Technology” and “Intellectual Property” at FGV Law School. Researcher and Project Leader at FGV in the Center for Technology & Society since 2010. Author of the books “Digital Rights: Latin America and the Caribbean” (2017), and “Connected Democracy” (2014) in which he discusses the ways and challenges to improve the democratic system through technology.

In 2017 he was Fellow at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society in Berlin and is Associated Researcher at the Law Schools Global League. Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) and Ph.D. Candidate in Constitutional Law at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro with a thesis on Internet of Things’ regulation through the lens of privacy protection and ethics. Lawyer since 2010, acting actively on Digital Rights, Corporate Law and Intellectual Property fields. Magrani has been strongly engaging in the discussions about Internet regulation that led to the enactment of Brazil’s first comprehensive Internet legislation: the Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet (“Marco Civil da Internet”). 

Eduardo has coordinated at FGV the Access to Knowledge Brazil Project, as project Manager, participating and interested in the copyright reform and Internet regulation policies in Brazil. He is coordinator of Creative Commons Brazil and the Digital Rights: Latin America and the Caribbean Project, alongside with prestigious Latin American organizations.

Eduardo Magrani


Former Fellow: Global Constitutionalism and the Internet

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