Making sense of our connected world


Making sense of our connected world

Internet Rules !?

What rules has the internet created, what ones has it got rid off and what ones does it urgently need? Internet researchers from around the world will be meeting in Berlin at #AoIR2016. In science and the media, the internet has ensured a continuous renegotiation of rules. Open access is calling scientific verification processes into question, platforms like Youtube are challenging the traditional players in the media industry to develop new formats and big data is confronting journalism with new ways of narrating.

Articles in this Dossier

Legal Hackathon: Privacy and Security by Design for the IoT

Germany’s first Legal Hackathon “Building Standards of Privacy- and Security-by-Design for the IoT” took place in Berlin at the AoIR 2016: Internet Rules!, the annual conference of the worldwide biggest…

Data protection for the digital age: Interview with Jan Philipp Albrecht

On 14 April 2016, the plenary session of the European Parliament completed the legislative process for the General Data Protection Regulation. As rapporteur of the European Parliament, Jan Philipp Albrecht…

Why privacy ≠ data protection (and how they overlap)

Much has been written about privacy and data protection, and the body of literature is constantly growing. Yet in many contemporary debates on, for example, surveillance, information monopolies and tracking…

BKA: “The hacker does not exist. We should invent him.”

The german Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) published a study that attempts to create a typology of cyber criminals by equating them with “hackers”. This article is a comment and reply…

If the boss controls the browser history – take care of your data!

On 12th February 2016 the higher labour court Berlin-Brandenburg issued a press release about a decision concerning the inspection of an employee’s browser history by his employer to check if his computers…