Making sense of our connected world


Making sense of our connected world

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The Ethics of Digitalisation

According to which criteria must chat bots be programmed to communicate without discrimination? What rules must apply in the development of artificial intelligence so that AI applications serve the common good? How do we design the algorithms that shape our society?

In our interdisciplinary project "The Ethics of Digitalisation", we work together with international partner institutions to develop concrete problem solutions that support practical applications and dialogue at the intersection of science, politics, digital economy, and civil society.

What our project partners say

Amar Ashar | Berkman Klein Center at Harvard

Why we need a global dialogue on the ethics of digitalization

Malavika Jayaram | Digital Asia Hub

Why we need more involvement in the design of artificial intelligence

Carlos Affonso Souza | Institute for Technology and Society of Rio de Janeiro

Why we need to address digital inequality

Texts about the topic

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Global dialogue on the ethics of digitalisation

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Ethics and digital transformation

Matthias C. Kettemann | Leibniz Institute for Media Research | Hans Bredow Institute

The transformation of society and the normative design of digitalization

Christian Katzenbach | Alexander von Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft

The Platform Paradox - Responsibility and Power in the Digital Society

Talk: Digitaler Salon Spezial | GI-Jahrestagung INFORMATIK 2018

„Gewissensbytes“ – Discussion about digital ethics