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Data: Between Freedom and Protection

Data is polarising. It is the resource of the 21st century.  It enables business models and innovations in society, science and politics. Some people want to use it, others want to protect it and many regard their dwindling privacy with scepticism. In the dossier we ask: Is privacy really data protection and is your employer allowed to inspect your browser history? We explain why there is no such thing as a hacker.

Articles in this Dossier

Frederike Kaltheuner

“It’s about human dignity and autonomy”

Privacy and data protection are currently being debated more intensively than ever before. In this interview, Frederike…

Jenny Fadranski

The dilemma of an anonymous darknet

Drugs, fake documents, weapons and child pornography – Most imagine the darknet as a shady street corner,…

Stefan Larsson

Datafication and Consumer Trust

We’re already living in a highly data driven society. Algorithms control the content flow displayed to us…

Max von Grafenstein

Legal Hackathon: Privacy and Security by Design for the IoT

Germany’s first Legal Hackathon “Building Standards of Privacy- and Security-by-Design for the IoT” took place in Berlin…

Benedikt Fecher

How Blockchain can foster innovation in science

Academia is stuck in an analogue thinking. Blockchain technology, a decentral storage system, has the capacity to make digital…

professionelles Videostudio
Urs Kind

Is this actually still user-generated content on Youtube?

The division between professional media and user-generated content on YouTube can hardly be maintained any more. Web…

Stefan Baack

Big data leaks and the future of journalism

The Panama Papers have been described as “biggest leak in the history of data journalism” with approximately…

Jonas Kaiser

When YouTubers Strike Back – DMCA and the case of YouTube’s failed dispute resolution system

When a CEO publicly states that the company is “listening” you know something’s up. So when YouTube’s…

Christian Katzenbach

Games Research at HIIG Hits the Road

In recent months, research into innovations in games and gamification has been a focus in our empirical…

Max von Grafenstein

No innovation without investment – a dilemma of classic media industries

Digitalisierung und Internet sowie das veränderte Konsumverhalten der Mediennutzer stellen die Geschäftsmodelle der klassischen Medienindustrie in Frage….

Benedikt Fecher

Academia is a Reputation Economy

In autumn 2014, my colleagues and I conducted a survey on academic data sharing among 1564 researchers…

Urs Kind

Why Netflix started only now in Germany

A few days ago the US-streaming service Netflix started in Germany. It will turn out if the…

Max von Grafenstein

Can or should TV and other formats be copyright protected?

Copyright as balancing instruments on markets for cultural goods With the emergence of television formats, copyright protection…