Requirements for application

Requirements for applicants

  • Subject area of the doctoral project corresponding with the announced topic and with an distinguishable transdisciplinary approach
  • University degree with distinction in the corresponding subject
  • At least one of the research directors willing to be mentoring the doctoral project
    (please select the relevant director as your mentoring choice in the application form, the final mentoring agreements of the supervising Professors of our Institute will be given to the doctoral candidates after the selection process)
  • At least one of the further research directors/ post-docs must be willing to be mentoring the doctoral project
  • Sufficient German language skills must be proven after a period of 6 months at the doctoral programme. Good English language skills are essential.
  • Enrolment at one of the co-operating universities within the first 6 months, unless an enrolement at another university took place prior to the application

Integration within the research work and duty of an active participation

  • Direct co-work within one of the research teams of the Institute for Internet and Society
  • Compliance of designated core times at the institute
  • Agreement and compliance on all mentoring agreements especially concerning:
    • Mandatory participation at two colloquia and the
    • Obligation of presenting a research report at these events
    • Mandatory consultations with the directors
    • Mandatory participation at a weekly HIIG-Meeting

Qualifying and promotional programme

  • Active participation (giving a talk ) at one academic conference per year
  • Publication of a reviewed academic paper within the first two years of the scholarship, further publications welcome (It is planned to provide all the results under a Creative Commons license.)
  • Mandatory participation at three events of the soft skills programme per year
  • Commitment to present the progress of the academic work at the public blog of the HIIG regularly (one per every second month)