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Benefits and promotion of doctoral candidates

Mentoring concept

  • Supervision and assessment by at least 1 research director
  • Designation of a mentor from the circle of research directors or post-docs
  • Conclusion of a binding mentoring agreement
  • Integration into an existing research team

Financial benefits for the doctoral candidates

  • Employment on a basis of 65%/ TVL 13* including social insurance
  • Children allowance of 100 €/ per month for the first child, 50 €/ per month for any additional child
  • Collaborative literature allowance
  • Travel fund for active participation at conferences (after consulting the mentor)
  • In the case of an exceptional effort: One time financial support for a research stay/ institutional internship abroad of up to 3 months (optional starting from the 2nd year via in-house application)

* The definit salary is subject to age and working expererience of the employe. The minimum wage will be 25.000€/p.a. pre-tax. See also wages of public service employees.

Benefits from the qualifying and promotional programme

  • Kick-off event at the beginning of the programme
  • Two colloquia/ per year (one in the context of the annual kick-off event)
  • Two consultations with the mentoring directors / per year
  • Personal mentor
  • Weekly HIIG-Meeting together with at least one post-doc

Participation in soft skills courses (3 per year) e.g.:

  • Time and project management
  • Presentation and moderation skills
  • Didactics/ teaching skills
  • Writing workshops
  • Paper publications in an international context
  • On demand: German language courses (e.g. by the curriculum of the universities)

Promotion and support concerning the academic networking and communication of the results:

  • Active participation at conferences – target goals: one each year
  • Funding for active participation at academic events will be covered up to after consulting the mentor (max. 800,- €/ per year)
  • Support of publications (1 paper within the first two years)
  • Support concerning the networking with the research community (via events, HIIG-blog etc.)
  • In the case of an exceptional effort: Financial support for one research stay or institutional internship abroad (optional via in-house application connected to a foreign travel allowance of 1.000,- / per month up to max. 3 months

Please find further information on Doctoral Programs in Germany here.