Deniz Erden

Deniz is a Research Fellow in HIIG’s Research Program II: Data, Actors, and Infrastructures. She is currently studying for her third master’s degree at the Information and Technology Law Institute of Istanbul Bilgi University. Previously she studied Gender and Women Studies at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, followed by Public International Law at the University of Kent, Brussels Campus. She received her bachelor’s degree from Ankara University Law Faculty and worked as a legal consultant at a large Bank mostly focusing on reconciling the tension between the efforts of regulatory compliance and introduction of new technologies, e-commerce, payments, consumer law and data protection law. She also took a leading role in the relation of the Banks Association of Turkey with the national Data Protection Authority. She is a member of the Istanbul Bar Association and the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Her current research brings together gender theory, European data protection law, anti-discrimination law and human rights law, focusing on chilling effects on online political behavior of marginalized others that corporate surveillance, profiling and automated decision making in interconnected application domains may cause. Deniz is planning her PhD on the “right to the city” within the smart city context.

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Fellow: Daten, Akteure, Infrastrukturen