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In times when many Europeans feel disenfranchised by the current political and voting system, alternative forms of active citizen engagement in democracy must be experimented with. We believe in the power of unconventional ideas to revive our passion for politics and societal transformation. That’s why we propose to experiment with a system in which decisions are not just taken for the people, but really by the people, chosen randomly by lot. We would like to invite you, members and non-members of European Alternatives, to be part of this experiment of  a prototype for the future of democratic participation beyond the nation state.

Our approach, combines two promising ideas - random sample voting (RSV) and digital identities. Participating in democracy through sortition  is a very old idea and we believe it has many benefits, especially when it comes to selecting members of a board or conducting surveys. At the same time, we need to address sortitions biggest challenge and ensure representation, so we have to know the population on which our random sample is based. In order to do so, we combine RSV with secure digital identities.

We envision that one day in the future we will have a European-wide voter register in which all Europeans - let’s see what this means by then - are registered digitally with names, addresses and unique identifiers. Then, if anyone in Europe, from the European parliament to a local government or NGO, wants to find out how people in a certain region feel about an issue, they can use this register and survey a small representative sample. That way, timely feedback would be accessible much more often at reduced costs. Also, our approach might change the way we envision democracy all together one day.

This idea is far from being widespread or practical just yet. This is another reason for us to work and experiment with it. This experiment or field test, as we call it, is the final part of the first phase of the “DECiDe”-research project. The aim of this first phase is to develop and test a technical prototype that combines RSV and digital identity. Therefore, the German ‘Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society’ teamed up with European Alternatives.



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More Questions?

Then please contact us!

Kai Gärtner

Project Lead DECiDe at HIIG


Martin Pairet

Network Manager at European Alternatives


Do you want to learn more about the “DECiDe”-project, then click here.


1 Registration

Download the eID+ app on your mobile phone, register with just your name and email address. We will then verify your account by sending a verification email and you are good to go.

2 Voting

We will draw a random sample from all people who registered.The app will then inform you via its push function if you have been selected. By answering a Yes or No-question, you make your choice in the app.

3 Results & Survey

We will publish the results of the survey on this website and will again inform all registered users via push message. Also, we would like your feedback! The app invites you to answer a short survey right after voting. But even if you weren’t selected we would like to hear your thoughts and learn from them.


We selected a series of three simple questions aiming at understanding your relationship with European Alternatives and how you feel about some future plans.

There is a perk!

We will give away 5 Citizens of Nowhere books by Lorenzo Marsili and Niccolo Milanese among those who download the app and verified their identity with their email! So it's all the more worth taking part.