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DECiDe - Become a partner

More direct, digital elections – become a partner now!

Our project DECiDe aims to design and develop a technical prototype combining e-Identities and Random Sample Voting (RSV) to contribute to the toolbox of political participation and the sustainability of a vibrant European democracy.

Digital technologies have a huge potential to strengthen the interaction in democratic processes, away from elections and formal referendums. We foresee that in the future distinct digital identities will become a norm for all citizens. Combining these identities with the algorithmic implementation of random sample voting (RSV), (political) representatives can regularly conduct votes and more easily access public opinion. 

For our upcoming field test we are now looking to find a cooperation partner who would like to use our innovative process and our technical prototype.

If your organisation:

  • is basically interested in further developing democratic processes and co-determination,
  • plans a participation process or a vote within the coming months (May to July 2019),
  • has more than 100 members or employees,
  • optional: is thematically connected the European elections or European political commitment,

just write us a message outlining your process. We will not only provide the technology, but also guide you through the process and support your communication. We will pick a partner organisation in April.

Interested? Mail us!


Kai Gärtner

Former Head of IT | Former Project Lead: DECIDE | Former Researcher: AI & Society Lab

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