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This website uses Piwik, an open source web analysis platform which makes use of cookies. The information on your usage of is collected with help of these cookies and stored on our server in Germany. Your IP address is anonymised immediately after usage data processing. This data is in no way shared with third parties. You can avoid the installation of cookies on your computer by deactivating the option on your internet browser and you can disrupt connection of these kind of services by using browser plugins like Ghostery.

If you do want to deactivate Piwik on manually, you can do so by using the following checkbox:

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Social Thinking

The default setting for our Social Thinking tool is normally deactivated as a precaution against
collecting data inadvertently. When Social Thinking is activated, the website also creates a "cookie" on your computer or hand-held device, with the help of which you can record the basic setting «Social Thinking on/off» as well as the name by which you wish to enter your comments (optional). This file is automatically deleted from your browser one month later.

If you enter a comment, our server will also save the content of your feedback, the time/date and your IP address, if applicable. This record is permanent and can be viewed by the administrators who manage the website. No other particulars are saved, and the data that is recorded can quickly be deleted again on request.

Social Media - Two Click Buttons

We use third party social media buttons including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. To prevent these services collecting data without your permission we use the so called 2-Click Social Media Buttons Plugin by H.-Peter Pfeufer. By clicking the greyish buttons in the right sidebar you'll be able to use these services but will also allow them to collect, use and store all kinds of data within their respective terms of right and other countries with different data privacy regulations.

If you have any queries or require further details, please contact:
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