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Dana Madeleine Abuosba

Dana Abuosba works as a student assistant for the research program The evolving digital society: concepts, discourses, materialities.

Dana is currently enrolled to the master’s program Social Science at the Humboldt University. Her main focus lays in the field democracy and transformation. For her bachelor thesis, she examined the role of microtargeting of the Trump candidacy during the presidential election campaign 2016, investigating it under the conditions of the fourth age of political communication. Furthermore, she dealt with geopolitical topics and questions, Big Data in political science as well as quantitative text analysis.

Before she began at the HIIG, she gained experience working for the German Data Forum (RatSWD) at the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB), University of Göttingen as well as the Berlin-Institute for Population and Development. Especially during her time at the RatSWD, she had her focus on standardized empirical research in societal crises.

  • Society & culture

    Theorising digital societies

    Das Forschungsprojekt erforscht die gegenwärtigen Herausforderungen, die sich durch Digitalisierungsprozesse ergeben.

Dana Abousba


Student assistant: The evolving digital society