Supporters and partners

Funding of corporations as well as public institutions is an important element for the work of the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) as an independent and pioneering organisation in this field of research. By becoming a partner you support research on and critical engagement with the challenges of digital transformation. Your support allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the sociocultural, legal, economic and technical implications of the digitisation process and helps us to establish an objective basis for assessing societal developments in the digital age and to strengthen the public discourse.

Thank you for considering becoming a partner of the HIIG. For detailed information on individual cooperation opportunities and benefits of your engagement, please contact Nina Brach.

Your cooperation opportunities

Join us on an expedition. Like Alexander von Humboldt, pioneer of interdisciplinary research and explorer of foreign worlds, HIIG has taken on a research challenge of a similar size: the dynamic interactions between internet and society in the age of the digital. Help us explore the tension between innovation and governance and open the black box behind bits and bytes.

Currently, the institute is developing a European cooperation platform in the framework of the global network of internet & society centers (NoC). It is meant to strengthen the cooperation between European centers on future topics like ethics and governance of artificial intelligence. Your support for this project is very welcome, too.

You may also support the work or HIIG through financial donations to the Foundation Internet and Society. An overview of concrete cooperation opportunities can be found here.

Current supporters and partners

The Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society aims to position itself as a leading, independent research centre within a global network. Thanks to initial funding by Google and other private companies, the Institute for Internet and Society was able to start its work in 2011 and to be founded in 2012.

Since then many research projects were initiated and completed and many researcher were supported. We established a widespread research network and developed pioneering science transfer formats with politics, economy and civil society.

We are grateful for the support of and the successful cooperation with our partners:

Initial funding


Supporters of researchers and research projects