Christian Pentzold, Prof. Dr.

Christian studied communication, film and media studies at Chemnitz University of Technology and the University of Stirling. Funded by the German National Academic Foundation and the British Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, his doctoral research at Chemnitz University of Technology and the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, centered on successfull online cooperation. His current research deals with modes of governance in digitally networked environments and transmedia memory work.

At the HIIG, Christian studied the changing production, distribution and regulation of audiovisual formats for online platforms.

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Associated Researcher: The evolving digital society

Lectures and presentations

Theorien der Kommunikationswissenschaft zwischen Komplexitätssteigerung und Komplexitätsreduzierung
DGPuK Jahrestagung 2016. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft. Universität Leipzig, Leipzig, Deutschland: 01.04.2016

Christian Pentzold, Christian Katzenbach

Organisation of events

Medienkommunikation zwischen Komplexität und Vereinfachung – Konzepte, Methoden, Praxis
From 05.11.2015 to 07.11.2015. UdK, Berlin, Deutschland. Co-Organised by: DGPuK-Fachgruppen Digitale Kommunikation und Soziologie der Medienkommunikation (National)

Christian Katzenbach, Larissa Wunderlich, Christian Pentzold

Producing and protecting audiovisual formats in convergent media
From 05.12.2013 to 06.12.2013. Kalkscheune, Berlin, Germany. Co-Organised by: CREATE, University of Glasgow (International)

Christian Katzenbach, Christian Pentzold, Jeanette Hofmann