Will blockchain disrupt your business?

Blockchain Innovation

Blockchain has been praised to be “the technology most likely to change the next decade of business”. The disruptive power of the blockchain technology is still limited, says HIIG-researcher Jessica Schmeiss. Beyond the hype, there are opportunities for companies to make their current business models more cost-effective and more efficient – in short: to digitise…

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Hidden treasure: User innovation in smart energy

Everybody is discussing energy cost savings. But what is the situation with Smart Energy user innovations in Germany? In this interview conducted by innogy foundation, Hendrik Send refers to a hidden treasure just waiting to be discovered. Together with Matti Große, he presents the findings of our study on “User innovation in smart energy technologies“…

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Why Social Collaboration doesn’t work without participation

Digital Platforms like Yammer, Slack or Sharepoint are ushering in a new era of communication and collaboration within enterprises. They have got what it takes to boost the productivity and creativity of employers by up to 25%. Yet, one important factor for their successful implementation is that they provide an opportunity to participate. As Germany…

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Mind-tracking and the new transparent self

Have you ever wanted to monitor your steps, heart rate, sleep, or body temperature? Nowadays, we can choose from an incredible variety of wearable devices. If you aim to move beyond tracking the physical to tracking the mind, you should probably check out the new generation of wearables: headsets with electrodes. By using Electroencephalography (EEG),…

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Co-Creating an Innovatie society with newcomer entrepreneurs

In this interview, Suhayl Chettih gives insight into the challenges of making the Berlin startup scene a more inclusive place. SINGA Business Lab (formerly known as Ideas in Motion) is an inclusive incubator program in Berlin focused on helping newcomer entrepreneurs, who often came to Berlin unexpectedly as refugees, build their business. The program takes…

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