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17 March 2023

Call for Cases: Best practices for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and tech projects with a focus on Women* in Tech

The Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG), together with the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), is issuing a Call for Cases for the project “Women* in Tech”


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Have you contributed to new and innovative tech projects that specifically focus on promoting women* and create a greater awareness for gender issues in the tech industry? Can you provide examples of AI or tech projects developed by women* that have made a positive impact on society? Are you familiar with any tech projects that approach AI and the tech sector from an intersectional perspective to address issues such as: education, environmental sustainability, gender-based violence, the gender pay gap, reproductive health and/or education?

Then help us build a platform that fosters inclusion of women* in the tech sector, while also shaping a more diverse and equitable future for AI and the tech industry! Cases can be submitted until 5 May 2023.

Technology drives innovation and development worldwide. However, women* are underrepresented in the digital industry, especially in decision-making roles. This lack of diversity can lead to exclusionary technology design. In addition to the structural discrimination of women*, other social groups are marginalized as well. Addressing this issue requires action to promote equality and equity in order to get closer to the goal of diverse and inclusive technology design.


We are currently looking for exemplary case descriptions and best-practice-cases of digital tech and AI projects in the context of “Women* in Tech”, that focus on or originated in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Cases from other regions are also very welcome! Selected cases will be rewarded with 500€.

If you would like to share your case – big or small – please visit our platform Knowledge Exchange :// Digitalisation and pitch your story in less than 500 words. We encourage you to outline key takeaways and issues, learnings and reflections about your case. Our team of editors will get back to you after 30 April.

Submissions should be structured as follows:

Preface: A brief description of key takeaways and a case summary. Key facts about the project like timeframe, funding, organizers and other parties involved (if it applies).

Initial situation of your project area: Focus on the process that led to the conception of the cases as well as a description of the legal, administrative and cultural context of your case; Guiding questions: what goals did your case seek to achieve? How did you plan your case? What outcomes did you expect?

Strategy and implementation: A description of your approach and strategy and the rationale for your implementation as well as the region you are implementing the project guiding questions: who was involved in implementation? Did you encounter any surprises? How did you deal with unforeseen obstacles; especially in the context of culture, governance, and policy?

Reflection on results: A critical reflection on your project. In hindsight, what could you have done differently? What can others learn from your experience? Guiding questions: what are your thoughts after completing the project? How did it go? Were there any surprises, unintended effects, or added value that you didn’t expect?

We are looking for cases, contributing a gender perspective on AI and the tech-sector. Cases should focus on the role of women* and how to create more inclusive technologies and a more diverse tech sector. We are looking forward to listening to your story and to learning about your project. For any questions or inquiries about the Call for Cases, please contact Sarah Spitz (

Sarah Spitz

Head of Dialogue & Knowledge Transfer | Project Coordinator Women* in Tech

Katharina Mosene

Researcher: AI & Society Lab

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