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Barbara Culiberg

Barbara Culiberg is an associate professor of marketing at the School of Economics and Business (SEB), University of Ljubljana, and a visiting researcher at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society.

At SEB, she teaches various marketing courses, e.g. Principles of Marketing, Services Marketing, and Societal Marketing. Her research focuses on consumer behaviour and misbehaviour in diverse contexts, such as pro-environmental behaviour, environmental anti- consumption, consumption tax evasion, digital piracy, and cyberloafing. Her work has been published in several international journals, including Journal of Business Ethics, Computers in Human Behavior, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Business Ethics: A European Review; and International Journal of Consumer Studies. Recently, she has been working on the topic of the sharing economy, which is the focus of her research at HIIG.

She is currently leading a project funded by the Slovenian Research Agency on the dark side of the sharing economy. Together with her team, she is investigating various problems faced by participants in the sharing economy, using both qualitative and quantitative research approaches.

Barbara Culiberg


Former Visiting Researcher: Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Work

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