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Alexandra Auer

Alexandra Auer joined the research program Data, actors, infrastructures: The Governance of data-driven innovation and cyber security as a researcher in December 2022. In the project Data & Smart City Governance she is looking at possible design measures to ensure a transparent communication of the data collecting and processing as well as the therewith connected consent options for the users.

Alexandra graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Eindhoven University of Technology in 2018 and a Master’s degree in Integrative Design from the Basel Academy of Art and Design (HGK) in 2021. During her Masters, she explored the interdependence and influence of actions in physical and digital space, with her experimental work primarily focusing on the collection of personal user data and its effects.

During and after her studies, Alexandra worked as a UX designer at a web development agency in Freiburg. After graduation, she additionally worked as a research assistant for the Masterstudio Design at the HGK Basel.

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Researcher: Data & Smart City Governance

Working paper

Auer, A., von Grafenstein, M., Kruse, L. & de Macedo Schäfer, N. (2023). Öffentlichkeitsbeteiligung in der datengetriebenen Verwaltung. Ein prozessbezogener Ansatz zur Lösung datenbezogener Interessenkonflikte durch die Ergänzung formeller Beteiligung. HIIG Discussion Paper Series, 2023(5). DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.4603704 Publication details

Lectures and presentations

Data & Smart City Governance – Datengetriebene Daseinsvorsorge gemeinwohlorientiert realisieren
9. Zukunftskongress Staat & Verwaltung. Wegweiser Media & Conferences GmbH. WECC - Westhafen Event & Convention Center, Berlin, Germany: 19.06.2023 Further information

Alexandra Auer, Maurice Stenzel

Data and Smart City Governance. The importance of multi stakeholder processes and citizen participation
Joint Master in Global Economic Governance & Public Affairs: Digitalisation for Sustainable Development. Centre International de Formation Européenne. Centre International de Formation Européenne, Berlin, Germany: 20.03.2023

Alexandra Auer, Lea Reetz

Organisation of events

Reallabor Bürger*innen-Beteiligung: Bessere Luft durch Verkehrswende?
25.11.2023. CityLAB Berlin, Berlin, Germany (National) Further information

Luisa Kruse, Alexandra Auer, Maurice Stenzel, Maximilian von Grafenstein

Öffentlichkeitsbeteiligung in der dategentetriebenen Verwaltung
23.10.2023. Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany (National)

Luisa Kruse, Alexandra Auer, Maurice Stenzel, Maximilian von Grafenstein

Digitaler Salon: Großbaustelle Daten. Byte für Byte zur Smart City
28.06.2023. STATION Berlin, Berlin, Germany (National) Further information

Alexandra Auer, Maurice Stenzel

Digitaler Salon: Großbaustelle Daten
28.06.2023. STATION Berlin, Berlin, Germany (National) Further information

Alexandra Auer, Maurice Stenzel, Daniel Pothmann, Sarah Spitz

Participation as expert

Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin – Vorstellung der Pilotprojekte re:publicaArena Berlin und Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany: 05.06.2023 Further information

Alexandra Auer