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Articles from the category: Artificial Intelligence

How we use art for academic knowledge transfer

As an art collective we are passionate about escaping the academic ivory tower by translating our academic work into interactive art installations for the broader public. In our latest work,…

When scholars sprint, bad algorithms are on the run

The first research sprint of the Ethics of Digitalisation project reached the finishing line. Thirteen international fellows tackled pressing issues concerning the use of AI in content moderation. Looking back at ten intense weeks of interdisciplinary research, we share highlights and key outcomes.

“The idea that algorithmic decisions are not yet regulated is wrong”

Should machines make important decisions in HR management and administration? Who is responsible for ensuring that these decisions are taken fairly – and how do we prevent discriminatory structures from being algorithmically perpetuated?

Artificial and intelligent but also sustainable?

Despite the growing global interest in mitigating climate change and in the digital transformation, there is often still a lack of implementation expertise on how these “instruments” can best be used to combat climate change.

The use of AI in HR management – Curse or blessing?

During the first Pop-Up Lab of HIIG’s AI & Society Lab an interdisciplinary team of researchers tackled pressing issues at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and HR management over…

European AI and IoT – First roundtable in cooperation with the Represenation of the European Commission in Germany

The first Roundtable of HIIG’s AI & Society Lab hosted in cooperation with the Representation of the European Commission in Germany was our kick-off for an exchange on European AI…