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Articles from the category: Artificial Intelligence

The picture shows colourful puzzle pieces, symbolising that AI for environmental protection is one part of many to protect our planet.

One small part of many – AI for environmental protection

What role does AI play in applications for environmental protection? This blog post takes a look at six German projects that use AI for this purpose.

Fassade of a skyscraper with offices. Some of them have blue and purple colored lights on, some are dark, representing the data institute

How does the data institute become public-interest orientated?

The first German data institute is intended to coordinate the data ecosystem, network across sector boundaries, and enable innovations. (How) Can this be carried out in the public interest?

EU AI Act – Who fills the act with life?

EU AI Act: Tomorrow’s AI will be decided by authorities and companies in a complicated structure of competences.

Two hands are holding a paper ribbon, that shows the outline of people holding hands

Participation with Impact: Insights into the processes of Common Voice

What makes the Common Voice project special and what can others learn from it? An inspiring example that shows what effective participation can look like.

yellow background with 3 shelves in different, contrasting colours

Between experimentation spaces and traffic light systems: Negotiating artificial intelligence at the company level

AI presents worker representatives with new challenges. At the same time, they also develop new approaches to negotiating AI in the interests of employees.

Wie beeinflussen KI-Anwendungen Kreativität

My robot did my homework: AI applications and creativity at the university

Is AI a creativity killer? We consider whether and how generative AI can be used to foster creativity at universities.