Impetus for the digital society

Impetus for the digital society

Digitalisation is innovation. Exploiting digitalisation for society needs
governance of innovation. In order to shape societal change, we first need to understand it.

Lab for Digital Maverick

Lab for digital mavericks

A home for researchers who cross disciplinary boundaries, love questioning
norms and discourses – in order to explore the depths of digital transformation.

exploring digital sphere

We are making sense of the digital society

Digital transformation affects all areas of societal life. In our research at HIIG we analyse these changes and shed light on current discourses, in order to inform and activate the actors involved.


Incubator for digital research networkers

Interested in becoming part of a home to digital mavericks? HIIG offers young researchers
a platform for their interests and helps them grow their international network.

Exploring digital spheres

Exploring digital spheres

HIIG is on a mission: We are making sense of the digital society.
While everyone is asking for interdisciplinary research, we have been doing it since the beginning.

European Perspective

European perspective on global issues

In times of rapid change there is great need for global explanations.
We look for these answers by putting on European glasses.

Hub for internet research

Hub for Internet Research

Together with economic, political and civil-society stakeholders we're exploring digitalisation
in order to bridge the gap between the web and society.


New project

Exploring new publication models

Together with the ZBW, we are starting to implement a project, which will expand our open access...


HIIG researcher starts professorship at THB

Prof. Dr. Martin Wrobel takes up a professorship at Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences specialising in business...

Award winner

Recogito wins Digital Humanities Award

The tool developed by our Pelagios project creates linked data from old maps and historical texts.


Broaden our horizons: Digitalisation in the SME sector

Since 2016, the HIIG has been actively supporting German small and medium-sized enterprises within the context of a BMWi-funded project to better assess and master the opportunities and challenges of...

Still “Neuland”?

The digitisation of the world of labour – this has almost become a mantra. Whole of Germany...

How much magic lies behind German AI production?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to change the way value is created and captured across all...


Governing AI: Political players between vision and regulation

Not only tech giants in Silicon Valley influence the development of artificial intelligence (AI): supranational political institutions, states and parties are also active leaders and regulators. They set legal standards, formulate strategies for the future, explore potentials and dangers, promote and sanction or even adopt controversial positions. How do political actors position themselves in the AI debate between economic interest, ethical controversies and the common good? Where do their strategies differ? Is politics here more of a driver or a driven force?

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Science and education · Society and culture

Pelagios Commons: Linking the places of your past

Gemeinsam digital
Innovation · Society and culture

Gemeinsam Digital

Innovation Entrepreneurship
Innovation · Science and education

Entrepreneurship Research Lab


Making sense of the digital society

The politics of urban digital infrastructures

Thomas Schildhauer

Science Slam: Learning 4.0

Theresa Züger

Philosophy of the digital

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