Hub for Internet Research

Together with economic, political and civil-society stakeholders we're exploring digitalisation
in order to bridge the gap between the web and society.

Impetus for the digital society

Digitalisation is innovation. Exploiting digitalisation for society needs
governance of innovation. In order to shape societal change, we first need to understand it.

Lab for digital mavericks

Research meets utopia - we break down boundaries between disciplines, rethink existing discourses and develop new questions to explore the permanent change of the digital.

We are making sense of the digital society

Well-informed actors in politics, business and society are needed to shape digitalisation. We analyse changes, point out fields of action and ensure knowledge transfer so that our research benefits society.

Incubator for digital research networkers

Want to be part of the playing field for digital mavericks? The HIIG offers young researchers
a platform for their interests and strengthens their international networking.

Exploring digital spheres

HIIG is on a mission: We are making sense of the digital society.
While everyone is asking for interdisciplinary research, we have been doing it since the beginning.

European perspective on global issues

In times of rapid change there is great need for global explanations.
We look for these answers by putting on European glasses.


Pop-Up Lab

AI in HR management

An interdisciplinary team of researchers tackled pressing issues at the intersection of AI and HR.


Open Positions at HIIG

Whether as student assistant, post-doc or research assistant – we are hiring!

New project

The Ethics of Digitalisation

Under the patronage of the German Federal President, HIIG is launching an interdisciplinary and international research project.


Don’t break up Facebook, make it more transparent

The fever pitch over Big Tech’s market dominance culminated with a contentious US Congressional hearing a few months ago. While Google, Apple and Amazon may require new onerous regulation, Facebook’s just desserts are something it fears more than divesting itself from its strategic purchases or having to jump through insane regulatory hoops: mandated transparency.

The use of AI in HR management – Curse or blessing?

During the first Pop-Up Lab of HIIG’s AI & Society Lab an interdisciplinary team of researchers tackled…

How Conspiracy Theorists Get the Scientific Method Wrong

Philipp Hübl on the characteristics of conspiracy theories the motivation behind their spread, and rational thought as a shield against it.


The Ethics of Digitalisation

According to which criteria must chat bots be programmed to communicate without discrimination? What rules must apply in the development of artificial intelligence so that AI applications serve the common good? How do we design the algorithms that shape our society?

In our interdisciplinary project “The Ethics of Digitalisation”, we work together with international partner institutions to develop concrete problem solutions that support practical applications and dialogue at the intersection of science, politics, digital economy, and civil society.

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The Third Engagement Report

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Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Work – Implications, Opportunities And Risks

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