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Together with economic, political and civil-society stakeholders we're exploring digitalisation
in order to bridge the gap between the web and society.

Impetus for the digital society

Digitalisation is innovation. Exploiting digitalisation for society needs
governance of innovation. In order to shape societal change, we first need to understand it.

Lab for digital mavericks

Research meets utopia - we break down boundaries between disciplines, rethink existing discourses and develop new questions to explore the permanent change of the digital.

We are making sense of the digital society

Well-informed actors in politics, business and society are needed to shape digitalisation. We analyse changes, point out fields of action and ensure knowledge transfer so that our research benefits society.

Incubator for digital research networkers

Want to be part of the playing field for digital mavericks? The HIIG offers young researchers
a platform for their interests and strengthens their international networking.

Exploring digital spheres

HIIG is on a mission: We are making sense of the digital society.
While everyone is asking for interdisciplinary research, we have been doing it since the beginning.

European perspective on global issues

In times of rapid change there is great need for global explanations.
We look for these answers by putting on European glasses.


Research Sprint

AI and platform governance

Create political impact with your research on platform governance  – apply until 15th July.


Exhibition: twentyforty – Utopias for a Digital Society

Visitors are invited to dive into future visions of the digital society twenty years from now.

Digitaler Salon

Save the Date: Digital Salon on 29.7.

Diskriminierung vorprogrammiert? Wie können bestehende Machtstrukturen gebrochen werden, um sie nicht im Digitalen zu reproduzieren?


The Coronavirus warning app should and can explain its opportunities and risks better

The warning app for contact tracing of newly corona infected persons was downloaded a good 15 million times within the first three weeks after its launch. Most of these downloads…

Live, love, learn – in 2040

How will we live, love, learn and work in 20 years? Researchers* from ten countries took a…

The Great Update of Research

The COVID 19 pandemic challenges society and its institutions. Science is particularly affected by the crisis, as…



The state monitors its citizens, Internet companies monitor their users – and finally we monitor ourselves and each other. Who is monitoring whom and why? What positive effects can surveillance have and when does it become a danger for a democratic society? Questions like these were posed by students of the Humboldt University of Berlin in the seminar “Tracing Surveillance – On the Trace of Surveillance” led by HIIG researcher Thomas Christian Bächle. In the contributions to this dossier they discuss their views on state and economic power and surveillance technologies.

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Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Work – Implications, Opportunities And Risks

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