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Together with economic, political and civil-society stakeholders we're exploring digitalisation
in order to bridge the gap between the web and society.

Impetus for the digital society

Digitalisation is innovation. Exploiting digitalisation for society needs
governance of innovation. In order to shape societal change, we first need to understand it.

Lab for digital mavericks

A home for researchers who cross disciplinary boundaries, love questioning
norms and discourses – in order to explore the depths of digital transformation.

We are making sense of the digital society

Digital transformation affects all areas of societal life. In our research at HIIG we analyse these changes and shed light on current discourses, in order to inform and activate the actors involved.

Incubator for digital research networkers

Interested in becoming part of a home to digital mavericks? HIIG offers young researchers
a platform for their interests and helps them grow their international network.

Exploring digital spheres

HIIG is on a mission: We are making sense of the digital society.
While everyone is asking for interdisciplinary research, we have been doing it since the beginning.

European perspective on global issues

In times of rapid change there is great need for global explanations.
We look for these answers by putting on European glasses.



Open Positions At HIIG

Whether post-doc, research assistant or student assistant: HIIG seeks support in numerous areas of the institute.

Research magazine

Now Online: encore Volume 2019/2020

From A like activism to Z like Shoshana Zuboff: The new encore is out!


Making Sense of the Digital Society: Lina Dencik

The #DigitalSociety series 2020 continues with Lina Dencik on the 23rd of March. Sign up now!


Demystifying AI: Learnings for middle-sized Companys

Which solutions offers AI “Made in Germany”? What role do startups play as drivers of innovative ideas and business models? Jessica Schmeiss and Nicolas Friederici answer these questions in the…

Packaging and scholarship – a summary of Zuboff’s talk during the Making Sense of the Digital Society lecture series.

Is the following information relevant to you?: Tech companies collect and sell your data to business consumers,…

Social Purpose Organizations and Digitalization: Towards an Inclusive and Sustainable Transformation

Organizations pursuing social and or environmental goals are different from corporations. Rather than maximizing on profits, they…


algorithmic decisions and human rights

Algorithmic decisions and human rights

Who is responsible if an autonomous vehicle is involved in an accident? What are the consequences of automated profiling of the unemployed? How intelligent is our use of artificial intelligence, and what visions and strategies do we need for the future? Innovations in the field of artificial intelligence are impacting nearly every area of our everyday life. However, algorithmic decision-making leads to complex human rights implications. In this dossier researchers of the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society and the NoC European Hub discuss the role of law and ethics in the context of algorithmic decision-making.

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