Data KolumnaWas verbindet Journalismus und Technologie? Welche Rolle spielen Daten im Journalismus? Besonders in Krisenzeiten wie der jetzigen, in denen sich die Nachrichten stündlich ändern? Können sie uns dabei helfen, die Welt ein wenig besser zu verstehen?

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Hub for Internet Research

Together with economic, political and civil-society stakeholders we're exploring digitalisation
in order to bridge the gap between the web and society.

Impetus for the digital society

Digitalisation is innovation. Exploiting digitalisation for society needs
governance of innovation. In order to shape societal change, we first need to understand it.

Lab for digital mavericks

A home for researchers who cross disciplinary boundaries, love questioning
norms and discourses – in order to explore the depths of digital transformation.

We are making sense of the digital society

Digital transformation affects all areas of societal life. In our research at HIIG we analyse these changes and shed light on current discourses, in order to inform and activate the actors involved.

Incubator for digital research networkers

Interested in becoming part of a home to digital mavericks? HIIG offers young researchers
a platform for their interests and helps them grow their international network.

Exploring digital spheres

HIIG is on a mission: We are making sense of the digital society.
While everyone is asking for interdisciplinary research, we have been doing it since the beginning.

European perspective on global issues

In times of rapid change there is great need for global explanations.
We look for these answers by putting on European glasses.


#twentyforty Talks

Live stream: A drink with Burkhard Schafer

In conversation with Bronwen Deacon (HIIG), Burkhard Schafer will discuss his utopia in between ZombAI apocalypse and…


Third Engagement Report

The report of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs examines the digital involvement of the youth.

New platform

New platform ESPS for Europe-wide news from science and research

The European Science Press Service offers an information platform for scientific results in the field of Internet and social research.


Getting Involved. The Impact of Digitalisation on Civic Engagement.

An Interview with Johannes Müller by Lorenz Grünewald-Schukalla and Claudia Haas In 2018, an interdisciplinary expert commission comprising nine professors started working on the Third Engagement Report, titled The Future…

»Operational« control of the crowd

Although the strong surveillance of the working, as was common in the industrial work, appears to have…

Digital Social Innovation: from efficiency to effectiveness in digitalization

How can technology help organizations to more effectively tackle societal challenges? In this article we introduce the…


How COVID-19 impacts digital technologies

The current lockdown is boosting online activity – everything is increasingly shifting to the digital sphere. In this dossier we ask if, how and why the Corona pandemic will affect key subjects of digital technologies. What does this mean for the regulation of content on digital platforms? How is Covid-19 activating the digital society? How does it transform our online culture? How safe are tracing apps? What lessons can be learned regarding cyber security? Busy times for our researchers!

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Science and education · Society and culture

The Third Engagement Report

Wissensarbeit | HIIG
Entrepreneurship and innovation · Society and culture

Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Work – Implications, Opportunities And Risks

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