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The majority of young people in Germany are committed to a social cause. This is what the recently published Third Engagement Report by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth shows. One finding that especially excites us is that almost half of young adults use the internet and digital media for their charitable work.

While our daily lives are slowly getting back to normal, our research activities and projects continue to centre on the online sphere. What long-term effects can we expect from the corona tracing app? How do scientist envision the future two decades from now?  And is there a way for European platform capitalism to be sustainable? The last months have proven that scholarly knowledge is a decisive variable. Let’s work on an inclusive and complex future together!

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Jeanette Hofmann | Björn Scheuermann | Thomas Schildhauer | Wolfgang Schulz



Digital Society

Joint Event Series with the EU Commission on Key AI Topics I Roundtable on AI and IoT

In the context of its AI White Paper, the EU Commission, in cooperation with HIIG's AI & Society Lab, is launching a dialogue format to intensify exchange between politics, academia, business and civil society on AI and various other key topics. The first of four roundtables will focus on the topic of AI and IoT.

Learn more about the agenda and goals of the first roundtable.

CfA: First Interdisciplinary and Interactive Pop-Up Lab on AI in HR Management

AI and automated decision making in HR management – key to ending or even reinforcing discrimination and bias? Applying different research and collaboration methods, the AI & Society Lab’s first Pop-Up Lab aims to tackle this and other urgent issues revolving around AI in HR management. Apply until 5 August and join interdisciplinary group of researchers!

I Find more information about the application process.

Different Form, Same Commitment | Third Engagement Report

The report of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs examines digital involvement by young people. “Many young committed people see the digitalisation as a challenge for society to solve”, said HIIG director Jeanette Hofmann, chairwoman of the expert commission, on the new findings.


Find the full report here (in German).

Utopias for a digital society | twentyforty Exhibition now online

What will the world look like two decades from now? How will we work, live, love and learn in the year 2040? The twentyforty exhibition showed the digital utopias of thirteen visionary researchers from different fields of expertise. You didn’t make it to the exhibition? Don’t worry; all the stories can still be explored online:

Discover our twentyforty project.



This Is Not (Digital) Business as Usual  I HIIG Publication

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting humankind globally. Some people are attempting a business-as-usual approach, while others have switched into crisis mode. In this publication, HIIG researcher Ali Aslan Gümüşay and co-author Leonhard Dobusch analyse how organisations are finding their way through the pandemic.

| Find the full article here.


The President and Free Speech I Internet Policy Review

The article by our associated researcher Amélie Heldt on online censorship and the first amendment describes a consistent ambiguity vis-à-vis platforms. On the one hand, researchers and activists reject the idea that platforms should become arbiters of speech and criticise their power over online speech but also want them to go beyond their legal obligations.

Read the full article in the open access journal.

Using Google Trends to Track Social Responses to COVID-19 I HIIG Publication

We need quick indicators of how actively populations are responding to the virus threat so current changes in social behaviour could lead to significant differences in the spread of COVID-19 after the incubation period. HIIG fellow Pablo Beytía Reyes and Carlos Cruz Infante explore the potential of Google Trends to track social responses to the pandemic.

Find the full article here.

The Potential of Digital Training Strategies in SME I HIIG Publication

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing companies to reduce social contact to a minimum, many are opening up to new digital training options. While such courses offer appealing benefits, it is vital to implement such training efforts in combination with tailor-made formats and to fully embed them in the overall company strategy.

Check out the publication.


Workshop: Networking and Prototyping for SME | Project “Gemeinsam digital” I 05 August 2020

How can small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) be connected with startups in the field of AI? Collaborations with startups can help SMEs to solve problems innovatively and quickly. In our matchmaking workshop, SMEs make initial contacts and jointly develop an initial application idea.

 | Register for the workshop now.


Beyond HIIG | Events that Caught our Eye

31 August– 4 September I Summer School: SciTech DiploHub I Barcelona  

10 September I Lecture: Digitalisation - Chances for the social-ecological transformation I Online

14-15 September I Conference: Educational Conference Bitkom I Online


“CoRisk Index” I  Exploring Digital Spheres Podcast

In a special issue of our Exploring Digital Spheres podcast, our associated researcher Fabian Stephany and his colleague Fabian Braesemann talk about their recent data science project, which develops an economic indicator of industry-specific risk assessments related to COVID-19.


Listen on iTunes, Spotify or on our website.

“Datajournalism and the Future of Clothing” I Digitaler Salon Podcast

What role does data play in journalism and what kind of technologies will help make clothing digital? Once a month, we publicly discuss the impact of digitisation on society at Digitaler Salon. We invite special guests, engage in a dialogue with the audience and the Twitter community, and broadcast it on YouTube and as a podcast.

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