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Another unusual, certainly exciting year lies ahead of us, and as we explore new digital tools like the institute’s VR meeting room, our researchers reflect a lot on the significance of recent developments for our networked society. At a time when misinformation and hate speech threaten our social cohesion and well-being, what are the implications for automated content moderation? How do we design digital technologies so that they ensure greater inclusivity? How can we meaningfully link topics like digitalisation, urbanisation and health? How can small and medium-sized enterprises profitably use the innovation opportunities offered by AI, especially in this challenging situation? You will find some answers in this issue of the Quarterly Newsletter. Last but not least: if you want to dive deeper into the HIIG world, take a look at the brand new volume of our research magazine encore!

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Shaping 21st Century AI | New International Research Project

AI seems set to fix fundamental problems of our societies. At the same time, it is prompting severe concerns. How is AI imagined and institutionalised? These controversies in the light of the AI hype are at the heart of our multinational collaboration Shaping AI. Partnering research teams in Germany, France, the UK and Canada will inquire into the development of AI across national boundaries and offer a longitudinal perspective on how AI is being established as a sociotechnical phenomenon in our societies, media and politics.
| Learn more about the new project and read the latest press release.
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Digital Training in SMEs | New Online Guide Published

How can small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) develop and implement a digital training strategy that suits their needs? Our new interactive online guide, developed within the project _Gemeinsam Digital, supports SMEs in upskilling their workforce and introduces them to new digital learning formats. After a brief self-assessment, users receive practical recommendations tailored to their company's needs.
| Check out the free online guide.
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Digital Urban Center for Aging & Health | DUCAH

Digitalisation is increasingly reaching the health and care sector – and it has significantly accelerated in the wake of the pandemic. To support a healthy citizenry in resilient cities with digital means, the Digital Urban Center for Aging & Health (DUCAH) is intended to be initiated by HIIG’s governing body – the Foundation for Internet and Society – and the Einstein Center Digital Future (ECDF). It aims to establish an interdisciplinary and interindustrial cooperation platform to develop an innovative, unique interface that links digitalisation, urbanisation and health.
| Learn more about the initiative.


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From Principles To Practices | Policy Briefs

What rules does an AI that serves the common good need? The Ethics of Digitalisation project, launched in cooperation with international research partners and its patron, the federal president of Germany, aims to find answers to challenges in the area of conflict between ethics and digitalisation. After the successful first research sprint last fall, the fellows published three policy briefs on the topic of AI and Content Moderation. The fellows of the upcoming research clinic at HIIG will examine how to increase fairness in targeted advertising and look at the risk of gender stereotyping by job ad algorithms.
| Learn more about upcoming events and milestones of the project.
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Diversity - The Key To The Future | For A More Inclusive European AI

In the global competition, we need a European AI that is above all trustworthy and sustainable. To achieve this, it must be anchored in the very fundamental value that unites us – diversity – and needs to go far beyond training datasets. These and four other demands for the future were formulated by the roundtable on AI and women, organised by our AI & Society Lab in cooperation with the Representation of the European Commission in Germany.
| Read the resulting position paper or watch the input as videos.

_Gemeinsam Digital | New Podcast On SMEs And AI

Artificial intelligence is one of the most important drivers of technology. The potential to develop innovative products, services or business models is enormous – across all industries and areas of life. In a brand new podcast, “Smarter Mittelstand”, our researchers Klemens Witte and Maria Gradl speak with SMEs and start-ups about their stories of digitalisation. They reveal how even small companies can benefit from AI technologies and transform their businesses for the digital future.
| Explore all of our latest “Smart SMEs” podcast episodes here!
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Platform Innovation For German SMEs | HIIG Publication Now Online

What are the obstacles to and conditions for success for platform innovation in SMEs? What policies can support them? To what extent are SMEs able to establish and use digital platforms? These are the questions the research team of the project Data Cooperation Platforms for SMEs studied. The results of their final publication are based on a data-driven network analysis, plenty of rich interviews, and a policy co-creation workshop.
| Discover the report – all findings are now available to view online.

Out Now | Annual Research Magazine encore

It has arrived: our annual research magazine encore provides you with the insights from one year of internet research. From platform governance to digitalisation ethics, from the digital implications of the coronavirus to failure culture in science, the latest edition covers the research, insights and food for thought you need about the internet. Enjoy reading in academic texts, gain insights into HIIG's work and have fun with our quiz, statistics and creative formats!
| Browse through the brand new magazine.

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New Rules For The Internet | 11 February 2021

The internet needs an update. In the last 20 years, little has changed in the foundational structures of internet governance – but the challenges it presents to the international community have increased rapidly. Alexandra Paulus and our associated researcher Matthias C. Kettemann have published an analysis in which they ask how improved international cooperation and the implementation of already formulated cyber norms might fundamentally reform global digital policy. Together with Germany's cyber ambassador, the two authors will discuss what specific role Germany can play in this context.
| Sign up here.
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First Annual Conference Of The Platform Governance Research Network | 24-26 March 2021

Platforms create, enforce, and enact rules and technologies that affect billions of people around the world. In which ways do different actors seek to affect the legal, social, and material structures that constitute the internet’s ordering? HIIG is partnering with six international partner institutions in co-founding the Platform Governance Research Network to address these topics. Building upon successful workshops, such as Empirical Approaches to Platform Governance Research at HIIG, the emerging network will bring together interdisciplinary research initiatives, bright ideas and the finest minds.
| CfP: Submit your abstract for the conference by 15 February.

Beyond HIIG | Events that Caught our Eye

14 January - 11 March 2021 | Open Hardware Future Talks | webinar series
16 February 2021 | Users & Machine Learning-Based Curation Systems I online lecture
29-30 March 2021 | Digital Social Summit | online conference
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