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Spring is here, and we can use it to explore new topics, connect with colleagues and work towards making the online space more inclusive for all. As an institute we are committed to promoting research that helps to shape a more equitable and socially just digital society. By connecting researchers, policymakers and practitioners, we want to work together to develop innovative solutions that address some of the most pressing challenges facing our digital world. Enjoy reading about our latest research activities, which embrace this spirit of spring and empowerment.

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Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Global Digital Transformation |Project completion

Over the past year and a half, our project team has addressed issues relating to sustainability and digitalisation in eight countries. We worked with local practitioners and policy makers from the fields of sustainable entrepreneurship, climate protection and the gig economy to build application-oriented expertise. On our website you can browse through all…
|…participatory events, academic outputs, recommendations and podcast episodes.

Women* in Tech | New research project

Our research team develops strategies to address the structural and systemic discrimination of women* in the technology sector internationally. The first stop is a multi-stakeholder dialogue in Mexico City on gender perspectives on AI with stakeholders from politics, civil society and the digital industry. We are also looking for international best practices of initiatives that promote women* in this field.
| Find more information about the project and on fairness and visibility.

Dealing with hate speech and hostility towards science | New research project

We will develop a range of tools to make the research system as a whole more resilient to hostility towards science. This includes the creation of a nationwide helpdesk for affected researchers, who, for example, have become the target of populist campaigns and victims of hate speech. Furthermore, various strategies for capacity building in dealing with this problem are being developed for…
|… scientific institutions and communication officers.

Smart City & Data Governance | New project

A consortium led by HIIG is developing new concepts in the field of data use and processing for the Smart City Berlin. Using the example of a tool for monitoring air quality, it is researching how public administrations, technology companies and civil society can work together in the area of data-driven innovations oriented to public interest and on an equal footing.
| Learn more about data governance for the smart city society.


Perspectives on Platform Power, Public Values and the Potential of Social Media Councils | Study results

This publication presents the end results from the Platform://Democracy project, which examines how platform rules can be aligned with public values. Together with over 30 researchers from six continents, the research team investigated existing models of advisory bodies worldwide and proposed Social Media Councils (SMC) as a useful advisory instrument for private platform companies.
| Read more about the study and its policy recommendations.
Quarterly-April-2023-Platform democracy

Organising Digital Change at the University | Practitioners’ field guide

This new online resource offers research-based recommendations and best practices for implementing educational technology effectively at universities. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges associated with implementing digital change and learn how to create an organisational culture that inspires motivation and engagement among university leaders, teachers and staff.
| You can find it in our HIIG impact publication series.

Future-proofing the city | Special issue of Internet Policy Review

In the latest issue of our open access journal, various authors employ the smart city notion as a point of connection for interdisciplinary research. They analyse the human rights implications of algorithmic, biometric and smart city technologies and the policy responses to them. Which European regulations and policy frameworks are currently at work in the regions…
|…where the GDPR does not apply?

Innovative entrepreneurship in a turbulent context | Post-revolution Tunisia

This study examines the determinants of entrepreneurial activity and the introduction of a national innovation policy in Tunisia after the 2011 uprisings, showing how business creation is driven by personal development facilitated by regulatory structures, education and community support. But to what extent does the model exclude vulnerable groups and exacerbate inequality in a fragmented society?
| Find out more about the need for inclusive innovation and governance.
Quarterly-April-2023-Innovative entrepreneurship in a turbulent context

Knowledge Exchange :// Digitalisation | Help us collect more digitalisation cases!

This new platform aims to pool knowledge worldwide on the planning, strategy and implementation of digitisation projects. By collecting best practices, we want to enable others to learn from the authors' experiences, create international synergies and inspire future projects. The first four case studies are online and ready to be explored. Help us to grow our platform and…
| …share our call for cases.

HIIG BOOKSHELF | Further worthwhile publications


Scholar-led publishing: Practice tips and perspectives

On 6 May, we are holding a workshop on the future of scholarly publishing. It will discuss the challenges of starting and building a fee-free open access journal. Our research team will present several recommendations to help with the following topics: publication technology, business models, communication practices, copyright and privacy issues, editorial workflows and quality assurance.
| You can register her for the workshop (in German).

Potentials of small tech: What can we learn from the small platforms?

On 16 May, together with Upgrade Democracy of the Bertelsmann Foundation, we are organising a Deep Dive with 15 experts from politics, business and civil society. The focus will be on the following question: What unconventional strategies of community-involved moderation do small platforms use to shape freedom of speech on the internet in a fair and inclusive way? And…
|…how can they be transferred to large platforms?

Gina Neff | Making AI work for us

Artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies are rapidly evolving: What will it take to make these tools work for us? On 4 May, in our lecture series, Gina Neff shed light on how to understand the challenges and opportunities ahead. She took a deep look at how we work in teams, and how we adapt, resist or follow the new ways for organising information at work and in society at large.
| Watch the livestream of the lecture at the Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin.

Beyond HIIG | Events that caught our eye in the second quarter of 2023

  • 05 – 07 June | re:publica | Berlin
  • 06 – 08 July | EGOS | Cagliari
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