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Let us take you on our journey of discovery and show you what has happened in the digital sphere, what is red hot and what is awaiting us in the future. We have recently published articles about feminist interventions in the field of data protection, presented sustainable alternatives for the European platform economy and revamped digital learning formats. Now we are looking forward to the meeting with Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier at Bellevue Palace and are eagerly preparing to develop applied knowledge with local actors in the Global South and in the field of AI and care. Last but not least: if you want to dive deeper into the HIIG world, take a look at the brand new ten-year anniversary volume of our research magazine encore!

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Jeanette Hofmann | Björn Scheuermann | Thomas Schildhauer | Wolfgang Schulz


European Platform Alternatives | Results from two years of research

Our Platform Alternatives project offers insights into the practices of platform companies, suggests regulatory solutions and explains how the European platform economy can become a sustainable alternative in the global market. In addition to videos and blog articles, it is now presenting a new strategic guide that will help decision-makers in European platform firms to identify and mitigate the problematic tendencies of platform capitalism.
| Read the full research issue.

Digital Higher Education | Divider or bridge builder?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, our researchers are examining the ability of the higher education landscape to change and shift to online teaching. A first study now looks at the experiences of teachers at German universities and the conditions of teaching during the pandemic. A second study sheds light on how higher education leaders around the world are coping with this rapid digital transformation and deeply rooted inequalities. More information about the whole research project…
|… can be found on our website.
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New Project | Sustainability, entrepreneurship and global digital transformation (SET)

In cooperation with the GIZ, we are addressing the digital divide on a global scale by incorporating societal needs and effective stakeholder communication together with partners in ten countries. With a focus on the topics of entrepreneurship, the future of work and issues of AI in the context of climate protection, we are developing application-oriented knowledge with on-site actors. Through this exchange, we want to support sustainable digitalisation that is adapted to local conditions.
| See more details on the project page.

New Project | AI in care

We have started a research project supported by the BMBF funding programme "Making repositories and AI systems usable in daily nursing routine". Led by the University of Bremen's Institute for Public Health and Care Research, HIIG researchers will help to develop an AI Nursing Readiness Assessment for evaluating research projects on topic-specific issues such as data governance, data use and data protection. The new project, called ProKIP, is part…
|... of our DUCAH initiative.
Quarterly October - Privacy Data Protection and Surveillance – 1


Making Sense of the Digital Society | New compendium

We have relaunched the website of our lecture series! As a compendium, it now provides an overview of current research on the digital society. For this purpose, the individual lectures have been divided into seven major cluster topics. Each cluster has also been supplemented with a newly produced podcast episode that contextualises the topic in question with additional explanations and background discussions.
| Explore the whole compendium.

Internet Policy Review | Feminist data protection

“Feminist data protection” is not an established term or field of study: data protection discourse is dominated by legal and economic doctrines. But what feminist interventions can be used to critique, understand and possibly reconceptualise data protection? In this special issue of our in-house journal, you can explore this question…
| … in 11 articles.

ACTiSS | Action for computational thinking in social sciences

Led by the University of Warsaw and in collaboration with the University of Groningen, we have developed a series of massive open online courses (MOOC). They allow social science students and young professionals to learn how to use computational approaches to understand social dynamics. All digital materials aim to reduce the barriers to programming and mathematics and are freely available to learners and teachers…
|... on the ACTISS website and on FutureLearn (online course 1 and online course 2).

Twentyforty | Film now available

What will the world look like in two decades? How will we work, live and love in 2040? The twentyforty project gave scientists the platform to create different utopias beyond the usual research. The thirteen visionary stories were first published as an edited volume. Now they have also been turned into cinematic experiences and are available for you as short films.
| All film episodes are available on YouTube.

Encore | Annual research magazine out now!

The time has come: HIIG’s research magazine encore is here just in time for the institute’s tenth anniversary and will provide you with the most important findings from the last year of internet research. From organising democracies to breaking structures, from considering ambivalence to de-blurring relations, the latest edition promises the research, insights and food for thought you need about the internet. Enjoy reading the academic articles, gain insights into HIIG's work and have fun with our statistics and creative formats!
| Browse through the brand new magazine.

HIIG BOOKSHELF | Further Worthwhile Publications

Toward a Stronger Theoretical Grounding of Computational Communication Science – Christian Katzenbach, Annie Waldherr, Stephanie Geise, Merja Mahrt, Christian Katzenbach, Christian Nuernbergk

Refining the Concept of the Right to Data Protection in Article 8 ECFR (Part III) – Maximilian von Grafenstein


Ethics of Digitalisation | Discussion with Federal President

On 07 February 2022, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier will receive the report of the Ethics of Digitalisation research project in Bellevue Palace. Over the course of two years, different research sprints and clinics have examined how digitalisation in many areas of life must be made fairer and how people can assert their rights online. You can watch the panel discussion and the Q&A session via livestream …
| on the website of the Office of the Federal President.

Insights & Power | Great expectations with YouTube CEO

On 10 February, we kick off our new event series in cooperation with the Leibniz Institute for Media Research│Hans-Bredow-Institut (HBI). HIIG Director Wolfgang Schulz and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki will talk about the challenges of content governance and the complex interactions between platforms and governments. What does research expect from the platforms and the platforms from research in this context?
| You can watch the livestream on our website.

AI in the World of Work | Workshop series

How is AI being used in companies and what are the implications for employees? Our research project Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Work is organising a series of workshops to help managers and project leaders understand the challenges they face when implementing AI projects. Afterwards, a practical handbook with best practices for an employee-oriented AI design will be provided to all participants and interested parties.
| Register now for the workshops in February and March.

Making Sense of the Digital Society | New lectures

Our renowned lecture series in cooperation with the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) will continue in 2022. We will announce the first dates and speakers for March in the next few days. However, we can already confirm that Kanta Diha will give a lecture on global AI narratives on 11 May, which will also mark the opening of our international Artificial Intelligence and the Human conference. Subscribe to our event newsletter…
| … to stay up to date and make sure you don’t miss any invitations.
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Beyond HIIG | Events that Caught our Eye

29 – 30 March | Digital Social Summit | Stuttgart
Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG)
Französische Straße 9, 10117 Berlin, Germany | info@hiig.de
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