Julian Staben studied Law at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg and at the University of Cambridge (Trinity College). His doctoral thesis focused on chilling effects on the exercise of fundamental rights. He is currently undertaking his graduate legal training (Referendariat).

Journal Publications and Conference Proceedings:

Staben, J. & Ziebarth, L. (2015). German participatory settings and their common regulatory design principles. International Journal of Public Law and Policy, 5(3), 270-289. Publication details

Oermann, M. & Staben, J. (2013). Mittelbare Grundrechtseingriffe durch Abschreckung? Zur grundrechtlichen Bewertung polizeilicher „Online-Streifen“ und „Online-Ermittlungen“ in sozialen Netzwerken. Der Staat 2013, 52(4), 630–661. Publication details


Staben, J. (2016). Der Abschreckungseffekt auf die Grundrechtsausübung – Strukturen eines verfassungsrechtlichen Arguments. Tübingen, Germany: Mohr Siebeck. Publication details

Lectures and Presentations:

Surveil Your Citizens While You Surveil Mine – Selected (Global) Constitutional Thoughts on the Chiasmus in International IT Surveillance
The 6th Biannual Surveillance & Society Conference (Session: States & Governments). Surveillance Study Network. University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain: 25.04.2014

Julian Staben, Hannfried Leisterer

Terms & Conditions – it's ze law, stupid! Taking practical suggestions from German Constitutional Law
RightsCon Silicon Valley . access. Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco, USA: 03.03.2014

Kirsten Gollatz, Julian Staben

Digitising the German parliament‘s petition system: Common (mis)perceptions and legal reality
ePractice eParticipation: ICT empowering citizens . European Commission, DG Connect. EU Quarters, Brussels, Belgium: 15.10.2013

Julian Staben, Lennart Ziebarth