Jonas Kaiser

Jonas Kaiser is currently Fellow at the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University. He is a Postdoc at Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen in the Department of Political Communication. His doctoral research focuses on the role and relevance of science and scientific information within different online public spheres and how these public spheres are interconnected, both thematically and structurally. At HIIG, he focused on a closer look at the somewhat fragile border between internal and external science communication.

Jonas majored in Journalism and Communication Studies at the University of Hamburg. His research interests lie in the fields of science, environmental and digital communication, and include subjects such as basic income, climate change and how online platforms enable and limit communication.



Associate Researcher: Knowledge Dimension


Relevant Publications
Conference contributions and other activities
Relevant Publications

Journal Publications and Conference Proceedings:

Kaiser, J. & Puschmann, C. (2017). Alliance of antagonism: Counterpublics and polarization in online climate change communication. Communication and the Public, 1-17. Publication details

Kaiser, J. (2017). Public Spheres of Skepticism: Climate Skeptics’ Online Comments in the German Networked Public Sphere. International Journal of Communication, 11, 1661-1682. Publication details

Kaiser, J. & Bourassa, N. (2017). Building Bridges with Breitbart: A Topic Model Analysis of Online Media Coverage During the US Presidential Election 2016. Proceedings of IAMCR 2017. Publication details

Kaiser, J. & Rhomberg, M. (2017). Bridging the Climate Divide? Assessing the IPCC’s Agenda Building Function in German News Media, Climate Blogosphere, and Comment Sections. Proceedings of ICA 2017. Publication details

Other publications:

Kaiser, J. & Rauchfleisch, A. (2017). YouTubes Algorithmen sorgen dafür, dass AfD-Fans unter sich bleiben, . Motherboard Vice. Publication details

Kaiser, J. (2017). Fake News: Der Lackmustest für die politische Öffentlichkeit, . Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung. Publication details

Fecher, B. & Kaiser, J. (2015). Collapsing Ivory Towers? A hyperlink analysis of the German academic blogosphere, . The Impact Blog. Publication details

Conference contributions and other activities

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