Far from being yet another innovation, the ­Internet is a novel way of solving problems while supporting creativity and communication. The ­Internet fosters new forms of corporate, cultural, artistic, creative and knowledge-based goods as well as the interaction between consumers, stakeholders, companies and the general public. The behaviour of individuals, corporations and institutions in terms of how they cooperate online is currently changing. This not only means new forms of employment and new job opportunities but also new technologies and new business models.

Internet-enabled Innovation is a topic that goes far beyond corporate technology management. Therefore research from a broader perspective is necessary. The following research questions are of particular interest: How can the Internet change the acquisition of knowledge? How can online participation be organized? How can online participation reach beyond the means of web browsers?

To explore these changes, the multi-layered ­approaches of Internet-based innovations will be determined and outlined. Particular aspects that need a deeper analysis will be pinpointed, such as Open Science, participation (online and through the outernet), Internet-enabled business models and the index of Internet-enabled innovation. To make for a dynamic research process, it is intended to include other researchers in our work, obtain feedback from outside sources as early as possible and provide information to those interested in the topic.

Research projects: