The Research Agenda of the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society emphasises the increasing interpenetration of digital network infrastructures and everyday life. It is our common goal to study the unique dynamics of innovation on the Internet as an interplay between socio-cultural, technical and legal norms without privileging any one of these sources of ordering. All of our research projects share an interdisciplinary approach linking backgrounds and expertise in various disciplines. To achieve this objective, most research projects span at least two research areas and are supervised by at least two research directors. Research projects at the HIIG generally focus on structural features and collective practices rather than on individual behaviour and situational contexts.

The research conducted by the HIIG is organised in four research areas:

Chart of Research Areas

Chart of Research Areas (click to enlarge)

 Joint Research Topics and Perspectives

Each of the four research areas has identified one lead project designed to shape the profile of the respective research area and generate further research questions. In addition, the HIIG has identified two overarching research topics as being relevant for all research areas. Overlapping topics and perspectives not only link the various research projects and areas but also stimulate interdisciplinary theoretical input. Apart from this, they form important building blocks for the evolving profile of the HIIG within the nascent global network of Internet research institutes of which we are a founding partner. As our research programme evolves, we expect to develop more cross-cutting topics and concepts.

Joint Research Topics encompass:

Research Report

Here you’ll find our latest research report as well as the most recent official research agenda: