In this first part of his startup and technology trends 2017 series, HIIG researcher Robin Tech discusses advances in the fields of AI, food delivery, and autonomous vehicles. Continue reading... MOREOriginally developed to make cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin possible, Blockchain technology has become a huge phenomenon that attracts both hacktivists and venture capitalists. How do these different groups come together and... MOREThe internet started off as a free uncontrollable space, a place for global knowledge and communication that would transcend class, gender and origin. What is left of these utopian ideas?... MORETo measure the reach of online content on the different existing platforms you need a consistent standard. For example on Facebook three seconds count as a view while on YouTube... MOREEverything has become indexed and ranked – from democracy, freedom of the net, rule of law to E-government. The UN’s recently published 9th E-government survey, which ranks the eGovernment status... MOREWe’re already living in a highly data driven society. Algorithms control the content flow displayed to us through search engines, for the news we read on Facebook and Twitter, the... MOREDonald Trump’s victory came as a surprise and/or shock to most pollsters, journalists, scientists, and citizens all over the world. And ever since Trump became the president-elect one question seems... MOREOnline platforms offer a variety of opportunities for volunteers to engage in the process of knowledge generation. How are Crowd Science projects brought into being and how do they work? An insight.... MOREPlatforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram structure public discussion and news perception. As their user numbers grow steadily their influence grows mutually. José van Dijck, professor at the department of... MORE

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