In our interconnected and digitised society, personal data is the new gold. Therefore, we increasingly have to deal with complex matters like privacy and data protection. But how to explain... MOREIn a digitised society, where individual communication is increasingly based on the processing of personal data, explaining the complexity of privacy is hardly feasible. That’s why we at the Alexander... MOREThe ‘platform’ metaphor is at once inevitable and misleading. What’s more, we no longer regard it a metaphor. Following Tarleton Gillespie’s proposal to complement the discourse with other images, José... MOREBlog series ICO – Part II: Commercial relevance – who needs it? ICOs1 have achieved quite a significant commercial relevance within the last months: According to Smith + Crown a total... MOREIt is a widely held belief that freedom and security are antagonists. This blog post addresses an issue where freedom and security are on the same side: IT security, especially... MOREIn summer 2017, the German legislature has fully implemented the European Directive on Network and Information Security. In addition to transposing the  European minimal standards, the German lawmaker adopted new... MOREBefore the elections in Germany different voting advice applications appeared . Many of those online tools are purely informative, other tools like the Wahl-o-mat show the user’s political proximity to... MOREThe party platforms for the German general election 2017 agree on one point: Public administration ought to be digitised. Yet, the views differ on what is to be achieved by... MOREThe balance of power in the digital industry seems to be clearly distributed. There are mainly American (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) and Chinese companies (Alibaba, Baidu, Sina Weibo) that have... MORE

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