Platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram structure public discussion and news perception. As their user numbers grow steadily their influence grows mutually. José van Dijck, professor at the department of... MOREIn today’s fast-moving, connected world, it has never been more important to understand what determines the success or failure of a business. Particularly, small and medium businesses (SMB) and startups... MOREWhile copyright rules allow the lending of a printed book from a library, it was all but clear whether the same goes for e-lending. Last week, the Court of Justice... MOREGermany’s economy is at a first glance doing very well: German mashines are sold and admired in the whole world. Accordingly the job market is prospering. But is Germany also... MOREMehr als 8 Mio. Euro investieren Unternehmen und Hochschulen in Babelsberg bis 2017 in die Erforschung und Entwicklung neuer Technologien für die filebasierte Produktion, Archivierung und Distribution. Etwa 2,8 Mio.... MOREImagine that you were almost twenty years old and you wanted to change the world by helping people who are somehow barred from enforcing their rights, what would you do?... MOREOne of the internet’s key features is that it keeps networking functions separate from the content and application services that use these functions. However, networking seems to become infused with... MOREThe academic world is about to depend on the large publishing houses when it comes to Open Access. For Benedikt Fecher and Gert G. Wagner that doesn’t have to be:... MOREWhy do many scientists publish their revolutionary ideas under a cryptical pseudonym on open access platforms? Sönke Bartling, associated researcher at HIIG, is analysing what is behind this trend.  Scientists... MORE

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