On June 2-4, 2017 the Strategic Management Society hosted a special conference on “Transforming Entrepreneurial Thinking into Dynamic Capabilities” in Banff, Canada. Jessica Schmeiss and Martina Dopfer, both researchers from... MORESupported by the German Research Foundation (DFG), the DeepGreen project aims to transfer academic publications which can be made freely accessible into open access. This process will be automated using... MOREThe new media revolution is a common metaphor that is often used to describe the contemporary communications ecosystem. This essay investigates how it influences the way individuals, groups and policy... MOREThe 2017 General Election is now only a matter of days away, with much campaign activity taking place online, and in particular on Twitter. Here, Stefan Bauchowitz and Max Hänska... MOREre:publica is more than just a conference – it’s a festival for the digital society. Since its foundation in 2007, re:publica brings together media folk, activists, hackers, scientists, NGOs and entrepreneurs from all over the... MOREOpen Innovation has created new opportunities for business model innovation, which go far beyond the incubation of startups. Yet, why do large corporations actually need to open up? Which opportunities... MOREIs artificial intelligence a metaphor, or can machines be intelligent in the same way human beings are? This has been a contested question ever since the concept was developed. While... MOREThe current rapid social and technological change is giving rise to enormous uncertainties – and a great need for explanations and sense-making. How do we understand the digital society? When... MOREThe terms hate speech and fake news serve as focal points for public controversies in Germany lately. The issue at stake, how should social media companies and society at large... MORE

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