We are living in a network society: Manuel Castells attracted wide attention when he published his trilogy The Information Age twenty years ago, providing a broader social theory on the... MOREIn this interview, Suhayl Chettih gives insight into the challenges of making the Berlin startup scene a more inclusive place. SINGA Business Lab (formerly known as Ideas in Motion) is... MOREThis blog article presents the prototype of an online publication design for the recently published study “Kooperationen zwischen Startups und Mittelstand” of the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and... MOREOn blogs and social networks, influencers show what brands they wear and what kind of coffee they drink. But how to sufficiently label commercial content? This article lays down the current... MOREThroughout the history of literature, various works have been published and written anonymously. On the Internet, “Anonymous” appears to be the most productive of all users. Does the freedom of speech... MOREOpen access debates are increasingly focused on “how” rather than “why”. Tony Ross-Hellauer and Benedikt Fecher present two possible scenarios for an open access future, consider the relative merits and... MOREOpen source hardware is not merely a buzzword any more. The increase of velocity in building innovative hardware solutions through platforms and their co-creators did not go unnoticed. In fact,... MOREEmbedded in smart technologies, algorithms are taking decisions on a daily basis. What challenges arise from algorithmic decision making for human rights and for the regulation of artificial intelligence? In... MOREYou have probably heard the phrase “ the elephant in the room” to say that there is a problem that everyone knows, but no one talks about. As of July... MORE

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