Digitaler Salon: Mistgabel 4.0

By Katrin Werner / 30 May 2018 / 0 Comments

Mistgabel 4.0 – agricultural drones, automated farms and smart breeding. How can digitisation make food production more sustainable for both humans and animals? A fuss about nothing or a second green revolution?

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Workshop: Copyright and Music in the Global South

By WWSC Team / 6 June 2018 / 0 Comments

The current international system for protecting intellectual property and its global expansion date back over 100 years: It was shaped and developed in the age of European industrialisation and colonialism. However, copyright issues have become virulent in many countries of the Global South mainly since the 1980s in relation to processes of widespread medialisation and…

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Long Night of the Sciences

By Christian Grauvogel / 9 June 2018 / Comments Off on Long Night of the Sciences

On 9th of June, 2018, the HIIG will open its doors for the second time during the Long Night of the Sciences. In an extensive program full of exciting lectures, hands-on experiments and information booths, we would like to introduce you to our research activities. Please note that this event is mainly held in German…

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Symposium: Der smarte Weg

By Konrad Muschick / 22 June 2018 / Comments Off on Symposium: Der smarte Weg

The Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society is inviting to a symposium about the potentials of user innovation for the energy transitionon 22 June 2018. If you are interested, please register via the form below until 31 May 2018. The program will be sent to you until 8 June 2018. The event will be held in…

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