Call for Summer Fellows

09 May 2013

This summer the Alexander Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society opens its doors for fellows from all over the world! We invite applications from early stage and experienced researchers pursuing a project of transdisciplinary Internet research. If you are seeking exchange regarding your research aspirations and find our objectives to match yours or to complement them, we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


Our fellowship provides innovative thinkers a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and set off new initiatives in an inviting intellectual environment. The four selected fellows are very welcome to collaborate in a growing international team and to participate in the research activities at our institute. We encourage you to actively shape your stay according to your research interests. We offer a number of opportunities to make a contribution to our research programme, such as:

  • Developing a paper concerning your research project, e.g. writing a journal paper in our “SSRN Internet & Society Series

  • Holding a presentation about a topic of your choice in our weekly journal club

  • Organising a workshop of your research topic

  • Engage in joint activities and projects with other fellows

  • And more – according to your creativity


Based in the heart of Berlin we will provide you with modern office space that you will share with our researchers and you will participate in the activities of our institute. Fellows are expected to bring their own funding through their home institution or outside grants. Fellows must take care of their accommodation, insurance, childcare, and transportation arrangements. However, in specific cases we can provide fellows on request with a travel allowance of up to € 700,- and a visa subsidy of up to € 200,-.


We offer fellowships over three months from July to September. The prospective starting date is July 1st, 2013. We believe spending face to face time together will enhance collaboration.


  • Master’s or doctorate degree (in exceptional cases master students shortly before graduation)

  • Fluency in English; command of German is appreciated

  • Research experience and an Internet research project of your own

Required application documents:

  • curriculum vitae

  • letter of motivation: explaining your interest in the fellowship, your expectations and your research background (1 page)

  • outline of a) your research project, b) the work you aim to conduct during the fellowship, c) contributions you plan to realise during your stay, d) projects on our research agenda that are of interest to you, and e) if possible, preferred project partners at our institute (please enter in the online form below)

  • optional: your latest publication or work sample covering Internet research (maximum of 1 paper / chapter / presentation in English or German)

If you have any questions please contact Elena Pfautsch via application[@]hiig.de.


Applications will only be accepted through the following online application form:


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