Into the hacktivism dark field

In a third study on the phenomenon «hacktivism» the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) was mainly concerned with potential threats posed by «shitstorms» and information campaigns – and thus with generally legitimate expressions of opinion. On May 21, 2016, our doctoral researcher Theres Züger was interviewed by Deutschlrandradio Kultur on her views on the dark field study conducted by the BKA. The entire...


Stepping stones and stumbling blocks – Research on the life cycle of Internet-Startups in Berlin

In our research we have identified the main enabling and hindering factors for internet-enabled startups in Berlin. Deriving from interviews with about 200 startup teams we were able to find factors which seem to play an important fostering and hindering role. The data enables policy makers to guide their decisions and to improve the overall startup community. Das Startup Clinics...


Data Protection fit for the digital Age: Interview with Jan Phillip Albrecht

On April 14, 2016, the Plenum of the European Parliament has completed the legislation process for the General Data Protection Regulation. As rapporteur of the European Parliament, Jan Philipp Albrecht took part in the negotiation with the European Council of Ministers and the European Commission. The documentary «Democracy. Im Rausch der Daten» gives insight into his work in Brussels. In...

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Intrapreneurship lessons learned – established companies and spin-offs

Large enterprises lack the ability to create disruptive innovation in grown organizational structures. Therefore, companies establish new spaces for employees with entrepreneurial spirit. This article focuses on opportunities, obstacles and lessons learned gained from corporate spin-offs. ​Die Innovationskraft und Innovationsfähigkeit großer Konzerne ist derzeit in aller Munde. Man scheint sich darüber einig zu sein, dass inkrementelle Innovationen zwar immer noch...


  • Hofmann, J.

    Multi-stakeholderism in Internet governance: putting a fiction into practice