ICANN Accountability & Governance Public Experts

HIIG director Jeanette Hofmann was announced member of the ICANN Accountability & Governance Public Experts Group. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) coordinates key technical services critical to the continued operations of the Internet’s underlying address book, the Domain Name System (DNS).


Partnership: ‘Gründer-Garage’ kicks off in Berlin

The ‘Gründer-Garage’, which is a competition that aims to support people with entrepreneurial spirit, kicked off in berlin 16 July 2014. The Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society is a partner of the competition. The joint project intends to develop as many as possible creative business models, that achieve long-term market success.


‘How to start up in Berlin’ am 17. Juli

‘How to start up in Berlin’ is a satellite event of the third Tech Open Air. The event, which will be hold at the St. Oberholz Café jointly organised by IHK Berlin and Silicon Allee, is a good possibility to get to know our Startup Clinics team. Founders can set up appointments with our doctoral researchers for a clinic session.


Business Plan vs. Lean Startup

An important question for startup founders at the time of their business idea is which process they want to follow in developing, producing and marketing their product: Is it better to write a business and product development plan and to strictly execute it or to develop the product on a step-by-step basis following the feedback of potential users? The terms...

butterfly in flight

The Virtual Judge. On the Butterfly-Effect of Internet-enabled Judicial Review

In July this year, I had the privilege of holding a lecture at the Brazilian Institute for Public Law and Public Administration (IDP). Although the topic was an analysis of the regional impact of Marco Civil da Internet, it gave me the opportunity to have a closer look to fascinating developments in the digital modernization of the State, which confirm...


How the Past Defines the Present. Understanding the Path Dependance of Academic Publishing

Did you ever wonder why it says QWERTY up on the left of your keyboard? And what does it have to do with academic publishing? In 1867 Christopher Latham Sholes developed a simple typewriter. One of its many birth defects was that the typebars would constantly block each other. After the urging of his investor James Densmore, Sholes spent six...


Is Whistleblowing Civil Disobedience?

The case of Edward Snowden provoked a wide academic discussion on the question of whether whistleblowing is an act of civil disobedience. The opinions are divided: while some, like Danah Boyd for instance, are clear that »Whistleblowing is the New Civil Disobedience” other academic discourses are more ambivalent on this question. I do consider Snowdens revelations to be whistleblowing as...