Looking for platform holder for “Mobile Virtual Museum in Berlin”!

or A MULTI-STAKEHOLDER-DIALOG: DIGITIZATION OF BERLIN’S CULTURAL HERITAGE – Why the startup MAUERSCHAU wants to open its platform to Berlin’s cultural community Our doctoral researcher Max von Grafenstein looks for a Berlin based welfare-oriented organization taking over his startup MAUERSCHAU. MAUERSCHAU provides a mobile app with location-based documentaries with eyewitnesses of the erection and fall of the Berlin Wall. The...

Preisverleihung "Ausgezeichnete Orte im Land der Ideen" 2015

Open Science in the Land of Ideas

We are very happy that our Open Science Project got the «Deutschland – Land der Ideen» award We made a short video to celebrate. Wir freuen uns, dass unser Projekt Opening Science* im Wettbewerb «Deutschland – Land der Ideen» ausgezeichnet wurde. Mit dem Wettbewerb werden Ideen und Innovationen in Deutschland gefördert. In diesem Jahr steht der Wettbewerb unter dem Motto: Stand, Land, Netz. Und das...


Like! Share! Log-in! Facebook-Buttons on websites of third party providers and data protection

In the online business (personal) data is considered a currency to pay for companies’ services. The pursuit of ever larger quantities of data concerning (potential) customers by private (online) companies such as facebook has long been one of the main issues in data protection and privacy discussions. This blog posts examines the different ways facebook exchanges data with and collects...

United Nations focus on cybercrime – A report from the UNODC congress in Doha

Our doctoral reseacher Adrian Haase was a participating expert at the 13th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Doha, Katar a few weeks ago. His report focusses on new ideas and forms of international cooperation for combating cybercrime. Seit 60 Jahren bemühen sich die Vereinten Nationen um eine effektive Bekämpfung von transnationalen Kriminalitätserscheinungen und versuchen gleichzeitig grund- und menschenrechtliche Standards bei...