Digital Sovereignty – a prospect.

A specter is haunting Europe–the specter of digital sovereignty. Resulting from the 2013 revelation of massive U.S. driven data surveillance European policy-makers as well as stakeholders from EU member states have urged to take action strengthening data security and data protection targeting European or even national self-determination. Going along with this process the word of digital sovereignty has spread both...


EU-US Privacy Shield

The European Commission announced on February 2, 2016 that it had agreed a new framework with the US for data flows between Europe and the US. The new framework, christened »EU-US Privacy Shield”, would replace the former Safe Harbor agreement, which was invalidated by the European Court of Justice in 2015, and allow a mechanism for companies to legally transfer...


Die Balance zwischen Produktentwicklung, Wachstum und Mitarbeitermotivation in Startups

Employee satisfaction and engagement are widely acknowledged as primary drivers of a firm’s productivity and innovativeness. This is particularly true for startups – a young, fast growing and innovative breed of firms that face a great deal of uncertainty. Startups typically do not have the resources to pay their employees competitive wages and to provide long-term employment security. Despite the...


A call for more data-driven acceleration

This blog post is a call for accelerator programs to be more transparent regarding their performance and more rigorous in gathering data on the progress of their startups. Along with research, this can have a significant positive impact on the eco-system as a whole. With the amazing upsurge of such programs over the last years, the benefits of this valuable...