Digitaler Salon ‘Spezial’: Paducation. Digitales Lernen für eine digitale Welt?
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Privacy and data protection in times of big data, state surveillance and digital globalisation

Privacy and data protection in times of big data, state surveillance and digital globalisation

The digital world with its transnational possibilities calls for solution focused debates on the protection of privacy and data and on the oversight of intelligence and security services. Being a part of a series of workshops dedicated to discuss the urgent issues in this context, the conference is committed to reach a broader audience.


General Online Research Conference – Call for Papers – Deadline on 15 November

Call for Papers for the General Online Research Conference 2015. – Submit your abstract until 15 November 2014. HIIG is partner of the conference and is responsible for Track B which covers research in the area of Internet and Society.


Protection instruments – for and against innovation

For many startup founders, it is extremely important to know how to protect their innovation. This issue is among the top 3 legal questions discussed in the law clinic hosted by the «Innovation and Entrepreneurship» research project at the Alexander von Humboldt-Institute for Internet and Society. In most cases, the initial discussion is about how to protect the startup’s own innovation....


On imitation and innovation in the games sector: From Pong to Ridiculous Fishing

By Lies van Roessel and Sarah Herweg. Imitation in computer games has been an issue since the beginning of the medium. Even the launch of the first commercially successful game, Pong, brought two developers into conflict. In 1972, console manufacturer Magnavox accused Atari of having stolen the idea and technology for electronic ping-pong on a television screen from Magnavox employee Ralph...


And again: the transparent car driver? Dashcams, license plate recognition, and the toll system – state and private surveillance of German roads

This blog post deals with the ever-increasing surveillance of streets and other public spaces in Germany. This discussion has been pushed into the public focus recently as Germany’s minister of transport Alexander Dobrindt introduced his modified proposal for a car toll system relying on automatic license plate recognition. Simultaneously, representatives of law enforcement agencies have expressed their great interest in the data collected by this...

If it's on the Internet, it isn't private.

Snappening, celebrity nudes and NSA spying – the myth of personal responsibility towards protection of privacy

The article is published in German. Im neuen Roman ‚The Circle‘ von Dave Eggers wird das Credo ‚Privacy is Theft‘ zum neuen gesellschaftlichen Leitmotiv. Die totale Transparenz des Menschen und die totale Kontrolle führt ihn zurück zur Tugendhaftigkeit. Daneben ermöglicht er dem digitalen Kollektiv die Teilhabe an seinen Lebenserfahrungen und -erlebnissen: ‚Privacy is Theft‘ und ‚Sharing is Caring‘. Diese vermeintlich positiven Aspekte...

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