Games Research

Games Research at HIIG Hits the Road

In recent months, research into innovations in games and gamification has been a focus in our empirical work at the HIIG. In a case study on innovation and imitation in the games sector, we interviewed game designers, developers, graphic artists, producers and lawyers from both small indie teams and big studios. We were interested in how they, in their daily practice,...

Everything is Connected

New Modes of Being Connected: The Digital Society, A Productive Algorithm

An interview with Florian Süssenguth, Fellow Researcher at the HIIG in 2014. Florian is a PHD candidate at the Institute of Sociology at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München. In his doctoral thesis he explores the German discourse on Netzpolitik (net politics and net policy). The interview was conducted by Jeanette Hofmann. Jeanette Hofmann: In 2014 we saw a growing number of references to the digital society....

Collaborations between established companies and startups should benefit both partners

On 21 and 22 January 2015, the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) hosted a congress on «Shaping Germany’s Future Through Projects«organized by the German Association for Project Management (GPM). We, the team of Innovation and Entrepreneurship had the opportunity to conduct a workshop on collaborations between established companies and startups. Together with two Berlin-based startups working in...

GOR 15

The HIIG at GOR 15

Photo: Cornelius Puschmann, Kaja Scheliga, and Isabella Peters (before she and her colleagues won the poster prize) This year, like last year, the HIIG was programme partner for the Internet & Society track at the General Online Research Conference in Cologne. Here are my impressions from the conference. Track B on #GOR15 will be: Internet and Society Thanks to our Programme Partner: |a|hiig_berlin