Open Access – But How?

The Open-Access movement has been part of the academic mainstream for long. It seems clear that most would welcome open access to science, but in a next step we need to ask »How does sustainable open access look like?”. On 3 September, the series of events ‘Wikimedia-Salon – das ABC des Freien Wissens’ invited three experts each with a different...


Jurisprudence in the Age of the Internet

The Internet challenges different conventions of scientific work. However, these conventions remain strong, even though they lose their purpose more and more. Therefore, adaptions are needed. Das Internet bietet der Wissenschaft heute zweifelsohne Möglichkeiten der Recherche, der personellen und institutionellen Vernetzung und der Wissensbündelung in bisher ungekanntem Maße. Und doch wirft es im Zuge der alltäglichen wissenschaftlichen Arbeit ganz praktische...


What’s happening with hardware? Three major hardware trends: connectivity, ubiquity, customization

On September 6th I had the great pleasure to moderate a panel discussion on some of the main trends in hardware at this year’s IFA. My guests were Thomas Andrae, Director at 3M New Ventures, Jackson Bond, Head of Product at relayr, Julian Leitloff, Managing Director at Stilnest, Martin Kamprath, Officer Technology Transfer at Helmholtz Association, and Maxima Renz, an...


How do I find the right co-founder?

In the past two years a lot of founders came to the Startup Clinics because they were searching for potential co-founders. As the doctoral researcher in charge of the HR & Culture Clinic, I always met the founders in person and supported them as best I could in the process of finding co-founders. We recently hosted a Startup Clinics Talk about »how...


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    Games as Cultural Heritage – Copyright Challenges for Preserving (Orphan) Vid...