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How virtual reality will change the TV production process – An interview with Arne Ludwig (EDFVR)

Virtual Reality, with it’s origin in the 60s, has experienced a revival in recent years by the increase of the corresponding hardware and software sales in the last decade. VR becomes a promising new business segment for the TV production business. This raises the question of what potential VR will bring to TV producers and how it will change the...


Preparing a conceptual trifle – Ingredients: State, Digital Societies and Africa

How are public sector entities affected by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)? Why is it so important to analytically connect the concept of the digital state with that of digital societies? A comparison with the dish trifle – the layered dessert – gives answers to these questions. Let’s start preparing the bits and pieces for our trifle and just to have...


The first 100 customers: Tactics for customer acquisition

Customer acquisition is one of the biggest challenges that German or European Internet-enabled Startups face. The article discusses three factors (customers, competitors, ressources) to consider when deciding on sales and marketing strategies, tactics or channels. Despite there are major differences between B2B- and B2C- or software- and hardware-businesses, the principles are rather general and can be applied to all kinds...


Start-up Hacks: The Bay Area versus Berlin. A comparison of two vibrant startup-scenes.

In this article, HIIG PhD candidate and UC Berkeley visiting research scholar Martina Dopfer looks into the vibrant startup-scene of the Bay Area and compares it to Berlin. Although there are things to be learned from the Bay Area like founding optimism or scalable business models, Martina notices that Berlin is ahead of the U.S., e.g., when it comes to...