Early Stage Researchers Colloquium 2015: a summary.

This year’s Colloquium, on September 24th at WZB, was the fourth edition of an international stage for Ph.D. candidates  and post-docs from all disciplines on Internet and society. The event consisted on five thematically focused sessions which are briefly summarised hereunder. For the first session, Stefan Stumpp invited young researchers to debate about »Digital Communication and Value Creation between Companies...

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The USA is not a safe harbour for European Data

The blogpost considers yesterday’s ruling of the ECJ on the Commission’s Safe Harbour Decision and explores its consequences. Can the affected companies avoid the legality issue of transatlantic data transfer by simply shifting all their data handling to EU territory? What are the requirements for a new Safe Harbor Agreement?  Has the decision a binding effect on US data protection...


Digitale cultural heritage – copyright challenges in archiving computer games

Computer games are part of our digital cultural heritage. This blog post takes a look at archiving computer games and identifies copyright challenges, particularly with regard to orphan works. In Berlin gibt es mit dem Computerspielemuseum ein besonderes Museum. Besucher können dort die mittlerweile 60-jährige Entwicklung des Mediums Computerspiel an allerhand Beispielen nachvollziehen. Computerspiele sind natürlich durch ihre Interaktivität geprägt. Die...


Open Access – But How?

The Open-Access movement has been part of the academic mainstream for long. It seems clear that most would welcome open access to science, but in a next step we need to ask »How does sustainable open access look like?”. On 3 September, the series of events ‘Wikimedia-Salon – das ABC des Freien Wissens’ invited three experts each with a different...


  • Meier-Hahn, U.

    Creating connectivity: trust, distrust and social microstructures at the core...