Civil disobedience. An international issue

Even though this is a blog for international law, I was invited to provide my perspective from political philosophy and media studies on the issue of civil disobedience. My article represents a normative understanding of civil disobedience from a radical democratic philosophical perspective that values civil disobedience as a contesting democratic practice rather than seeing it as a disruption of...


Why Netflix started only now in Germany

A few days ago the US-streaming service Netflix started in Germany. It will turn out if the broadly discussed, long expected and from many dreaded service is able to fulfill its diverse expectations. For many journalists and industry representatives Netflix, that is well known for its award-winning series House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black or Lilyhammer, stands for...


Entrepreneurship & Sales

The most frequently mentioned problem of entrepreneurs is acquiring and developing profitable customers (Ullrich, K., 2013). Therefore, market development is a central task and a major challenge for every founder and founding team. Even in times when customer acquisition processes are shifting more and more to the Internet, or at least are supported by it, direct and personal relationships with...


Workshop impressions: The Public International Law of the Internet

Impressions from the same-titled workshop organized by the German Foreign Office and the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society At invitation by the German Foreign Office and the Research Area Global Constitutionalism of the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, last Monday almost 50 experts of international law, cyber security and Internet regulation or Internet governance...


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