Language Learning with Owls

Buy ten and get one free, earn frequent flyer bonus miles or compare your latest exercise results on Nike+. Companies use small rewards and reinforcements like these to keep customers happy and loyal to their brands. Digital and offline offers of this kind are a part of everyday life for consumers. This concept is what researchers like Sebastian Deterding call...


Big data: from the doom of sociology to its method

This article was published first by the Internet Policy Review. Once, Mike Savage predicted the downfall of sociology – but now, he revises his pessimism. In 2007, his famous essay »The coming crisis of empirical sociology” had caused quite a stir. Back then, he stated that social scientists would be falling behind the natural scientists, failing to make use of...


Seizing the Moment – Is Our Understanding of Open Access Too Shortsighted?

Two weeks ago, the entire editorial board of the journal Lingua quit and announced they would launch a new journal named Glossa. Lingua’s executive editor Johan Rooryck said the reason for the resignation was that Elsevier, which publishes Lingua, did not comply with the editors’ request to turn the journal into an open access publication. Lingua has existed since 1949 and is...

Geoblocking: Attracting the EU Commission’s attention

If you try to access online content of your domestic TV stations or streaming services from a foreign country, you will likely be greeted with a notice indicating that the content is only available within the borders of your homeland. Geoblocking is also a common practice in e-commerce in order to territorially delineate the European market, which is often associated with...