The logic of cascades

What factors influence the spread of information online? Together with my colleague Isabella Peters from the University of Kiel, I have been thinking about this question in the context of a book chapter that we are currently working on. We looked at several recent studies on information diffusion, and I want to take the opportunity to summarize and comment on...


Police Patrols on Facebook: Police Investigations on Social Networks as mediate-factual interferences of fundamental rights (“mittelbar-faktische Grundrechtseingriffe”)?

Previous legal analyses assumed that police patrols and simple investigations in online social networks do not amount to an interference with the users’ fundamental rights. Building upon findings from social science, Markus Oermann and Julian Staben show that this assertion can hardly be upheld once chilling effects especially caused by secret measures are considered. Read their German blog post attached....


The Internet in Two Days – an experiment

Undoubtedly, there is no day going by without thoughts or writings concerning the internet – but do we really know how it is actually working? Who, in fact, is well-versed with networks or protocols making our daily use of the Internet possible? Who has ever heard of congestion control or flow control? Probably only a few – provided you did...

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How Love Steaks almost changed the German film industry

If the inside magazine «The Hollywood reporter» is writing about a German film school movie, it is worth reading, especially when it is connected in the next sentence to a new movement of filmmakers: «the first film of what could potentially become a new filmmaking movement – called Fogma, with a clear wink to Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg’s Dogme...


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