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How Love Steaks almost changed the German film industry

If the inside magazine «The Hollywood reporter» is writing about a German film school movie, it is worth reading, especially when it is connected in the next sentence to a new movement of filmmakers: «the first film of what could potentially become a new filmmaking movement – called Fogma, with a clear wink to Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg’s Dogme...


How to hire the best people for your startup

The #1 HR challenge most startups talk about is recruiting. An entrepreneur’s job is to hire a world-class team. As soon as a small company grows, finding the right people becomes a major issue. On the occasion of our series Startup-Clinics Talks we invited Gitta Blatt, Head of HR at Wooga, Europe’s leading online and social games developer, as an expert....


Unicorns never stand still – Why business model innovation is so important to startups

In many tales since ancient times, unicorns have been regarded as magic creatures with special powers that are hard to be tamed. In 2013, Cowboy ventures analysed US-based tech firms and eventually aggregated 39 of them to their so-called »Unicorn Club”. In their rating extremely successful startup unicorns were defined by a foundation since 2003 and a valuation at over $1...


Conflict of conventions ? What a social sciences view can reveal about the interconnection deal between Netflix and Comcast

The news spread fast: Netflix and Comcast have sealed an interconnection agreement. The online video service will pay the internet access provider for the large amounts of video data1. to be delivered into the Comcast network, without detours. At the ends of Comcast’s network, internet users can hope for a better Netflix experience. A lot has been written about this...


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