Let’s invent cars – not just faster horses.

Let’s invent cars – not just faster horses. Why moving within your networks sometimes limits your horizon.

Let me ask you a question: Are you an entrepreneur? Or are you working in a startup? Do you plan to start up your own company soon? Then maybe the people you share your ideas with are founders, startup employees or future entrepreneurs as well. My next question: Are you based in Berlin? Do you go to various startup events?...


(At least) six perspectives on audio-visual media – Impressions from the 2014 Early Stage Researchers Colloquium

From old films stored in archives across Europe to computer games and videos on multi-channel-networks: audio-visual media is all around us. This years’ ESRC «Pay Per Pixel» track set out to shed light on all these different aspects of audio-visual works from a multidisciplinary perspective. Researchers with backgrounds in digital humanities, law, media and cultural science, communication studies, and media management came...


The great potential of citizen science

Citizen science is nothing new. What do Benjamin Franklin (see picture obove), Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Francis Bacon have in common? All were amateur scientists. Franklin invented the lightning rod, Goethe discovered the incisive bone and was moderately successful as an art theorist and Bacon can be considered as nothing less than the father of empiricism, or can he?...


Celebrity Leaks, Redtube-Porn and Subscription-Traps

English Abstract Federal Court of Justice on Internet-fraud Celebrity leaks (privacy and cloud-security) and adhortatory letters for redtube-users (copyright and civil proceedings law) have been major issues in the media for the last few month. In addition to these the Federal Court of Justices ruling on Internet-fraud has also brought cybercrime to the center of attention. «Subscription-Traps» (faking a free...


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    Hardware startup funding — What makes it so different from software startups?