Robin Tech

Robin Tech im Ausschuss ‘Digitale Agenda’ des Deutschen Bundestages

Am 6. Mai wurde ich als Sachverständiger in den Bundestagsausschuss ‘Digitale Agenda’ eingeladen. In der Sitzung ging es um die ökonomischen Aspekte der Digitalisierung und damit auch um Startup-Unternehmen und die Rolle, die sie in‚ diesen Transformationsprozessen spielen — beispielsweise in Bezug auf Industrie 4.0. Der vorab gestellte Fragenkatalog enthielt entsprechend Fragen zur Zusammenarbeit von deutschem Mittelstand und Startups, Chancen...

Could we universalize the Brazilian market experiences?

Could we universalize the Brazilian market experiences?

In 2012–2013 we undertook an empirical research1 with the purpose of investigating the culture and collaborative practice between companies and connected consumers in the Brazilian market. The methodological approach included: a. Identification of companies to be investigated through two procedures: (i) survey conducted in the newspaper »Valor Econômico” using key terms such as internet + collaboration, collaboration + consumer, consumed...

Games Research

Games Research at HIIG Hits the Road

In recent months, research into innovations in games and gamification has been a focus in our empirical work at the HIIG. In a case study on innovation and imitation in the games sector, we interviewed game designers, developers, graphic artists, producers and lawyers from both small indie teams and big studios. We were interested in how they, in their daily...

Everything is Connected

New Modes of Being Connected: The Digital Society, A Productive Algorithm

An interview with Florian Süssenguth, Fellow Researcher at the HIIG in 2014. Florian is a PHD candidate at the Institute of Sociology at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München. In his doctoral thesis he explores the German discourse on Netzpolitik (net politics and net policy). The interview was conducted by Jeanette Hofmann. Jeanette Hofmann: In 2014 we saw a growing number of references to the digital society....